China is a hotbed for mobile commerce activity

Survey highlights the growth of mobile shopping in China and elsewhere

MasterCard has released the results of a new survey concerning mobile commerce in China. Consumers throughout China have been growing more interested in shopping from their mobile devices and are beginning to use their smartphones and tablets to purchase products more often. Many consumers consider mobile shopping to be very convenient and ideal for their current circumstances. This is especially true among people that commute often as mobile commerce allows them to purchase products from wherever they are and have these products delivered to their homes.

Nearly 100% of Chinese respondents have made a mobile purchase in the past three months

According to the survey from MasterCard, mobile commerce has been growing quickly throughout the Asian-Pacific region. Thailand, South Korea, and India boast of impressive results when it comes to the number of people participating in mobile shopping and payments. The survey shows, however, that nearly 100% of the respondents in China have said that they have made at least one online purchase from a mobile device in t he past three months. Approximately 59% of these consumers noted that they made a purchase with a smartphone.

Retailers help power the growth of mobile shopping

Mobile Commerce Activity - ChinaThe survey attributes the growth of mobile shopping in China to the efforts that several retailers have made to engage mobile consumers. Alibaba and Tencent, for example, have launched aggressive campaigns to attract the attention of these consumers. Using their Alipay and WeChat applications, these companies have managed to establish a dominant position in the mobile field. Smaller retailers have also been working to accommodate the needs of mobile consumers by embracing mobile payments more readily.

China is likely to retain its lead as a prominent mobile commerce market

China is expected to be a leading mobile commerce market well into the future, followed closely by Thailand and South Korea. As smartphone penetration continues to rise throughout the Asian-Pacific region, the number of people shopping online from their mobile devices is expected to continue growing. Tablets are also beginning to establish a reputation among consumers in this region as one of the best mobile shopping platforms currently available.

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