Augmented reality to contribute to learning in thousands of classrooms

A new deal with Aurasma has schools using A.R. technology to help to provide a high tech educational experience.

A new educational augmented reality deal with Aurasma is about to build on the already hefty client list that is approximately 20,000 long for that company, which also has 6 million monthly active users.

Since the beginning of the year, the company has seen its customer base increase by 17 percent.

Aurasma is already providing augmented reality technology in over 100 different countries and its usage includes campaigns with companies such as GQ, Dreamworks, and Vanity Fair. Now, the firm has just secured a new deal for providing educational technology with Walsworth Yearbooks. This will allow the tech to be integrated into school lessons across the United States.

This will allow student in schools across the United States to create their own augmented reality content.

Walsworth is among the largest 50 publishers in the United States and it will be providing students with support to teach them how to use Aurasma Studio CMS to create augmented reality content.

This deal follows closely on the heels of the launch of its augmented reality app called Yearbook 3D. That allows students with mobile devices to be able to scan their yearbook covers and event supplement in order to be able to access animations and video content. The head of global marketing at Aurasma, Lauren Offers, said that “Aurasma’s Partners in Education program was designed for partners like Walsworth to take advantage of Aurasma’s powerful platform and help educate the younger generation on emerging technologies like augmented reality.”

Offers also added that they have been impressed with the commitment and dedication demonstrated by Walsworth in temrs of providing young adultAugmented Reality - classrooms and yearbookss with greater empowerment for embracing state of the art technologies such as augmented reality, which helps to bring the Aurasma platform to “the next level”.

The vice president of marketing and communications at Walsworth, Alex Blackwell, also added that beyond being a primary technology assistance provider for what could potentially be thousands of different schools, the company will be exposing augmented reality technology to “tens of thousands of students.”

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