Wearable technology is Disney’s latest investment

The company has now invested $1 billion into its MyMagic+ brand and will combine several mobile elements.

The Walt Disney Company has now put $1 billion into wearable technology with the intention of implementing a broad scale experimental program that will help to change the way that visitors to its theme parks spend their money.

The MyMagic+ program brings together several different mobile technologies and features to enhance the guest experience.

The MyMagic+ program brings together the website, a smartphone app, and wearable technology and the form of MagicBands. The MagicBands are a type of tracking bracelet that allows the company to monitor the movements of the visitors as they make their way through the Disney World resorts and enjoy the various features, shows, rides, shops, restaurants, kiosks, and more. The guests will be able to use the program to be able to make their trip bookings and plan out the rides that they’d like to enjoy, months in advance.

The MagicBands are wearable technology that hold all of the information the visitor will need.

For instance, a visitor to Disney World who is staying in one of the resorts would be able to store his or her hotel room key, credit and debit card information, and tickets, all within these bracelet wearables. Then, they can be used at any place in the parks and hotels simply by tapping these mobile devices to a sensor.

The MyMagic+ program also uses the MagicBand RFID enabled bracelets for geolocation purposes, to track the movements of all of their wearers throughout the parks. This is the feature that is being considered defining in terms of whether or not the program should be deemed successful. While the bracelets do help Disney to be able to provide guests with faster and more convenient service at restaurants, to better manage lines, and to direct the park employees, the tracking also offers additional opportunities.

As the park will always know where a guest is located, the geolocation style tracking in these wearable technology devices can provide wearers with custom notifications about wait times for rides or changes at restaurants.

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