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Virtual reality roller coaster debuts at Six Flags Magic Mountain

One of the first ever VR rides of this nature has now launched in the country in partnership with Samsung.

As of Friday, March 25, 2016, Six Flags Magic Mountain has released a new roller coaster using virtual reality goggles to help to add to the overall experience of the ride as guests experience every loop, twist and turn.

The New Revolution ride has now been launched at the theme park, in partnership with Samsung.

The purpose of the virtual reality experience on the Six Flags roller coaster is to help to give adrenaline junkies a more thrilling experience than the classic form of attraction at the park. The roller coaster provides every rider with VR goggles that give them the sensation of being a co-pilot in a fighter jet’s cockpit. They’ll feel every movement as they travel along the traditional roller coaster, but what they’ll be seeing is an even more enhanced experience to match it.

The virtual reality display aligns with the movements of the roller coaster’s tracks and provides a 360 degree view.

As the riders twist and turn their way along the roller coaster track, they’ll be able to see a city that is under attack by aliens in a very realistic VR three dimensional view. The ride starts as the riders whip their way through narrow city streets before they take off over top of the skyline, avoiding skyscrapers and other obstacles as the alien drones shoot at them.

One of the ride’s features makes it possible for the riders to tap the VR headsets they’re wearing in order to be able to fire the guns on their digital jet in order to attempt to hit the targets that are appearing throughout the time that the coaster ascends the lift.

This is meant to be only the first of a number of virtual reality roller coasters that will be added to Six Flags parks across the United States. It will represent the first wave of roller coasters to launch in North America this year, say park officials. In fact, there will be nine other Six Flags parks to launch their own VR coasters. Texas already launched its Six Flags VR Shock Wave on March 10.

Virtual reality technology used for live streaming cancer surgery

A surgeon in the United Kingdom, Shafi Ahmed, will be conducting the procedure to be viewed with a VR headset.

A cancer patient in the U.K. will be undergoing surgery on April 14 at 1p.m. local time, and the surgeon, Dr. Shafi Ahmed, will be using virtual reality technology linked to a mobile phone in order to be able to let others experience the live-stream of the entire procedure.

This will allow the surgery to be viewed by people around the world, as though seeing it from a massive operating theater.

The surgeon has been among those at the very head of pioneering virtual reality technology for the purposes of using it in surgery. He believes that the upcoming VR streamed surgery will be a game changer when it comes to medical education and health care innovation. The patient who will be undergoing the surgery currently has colon cancer. He is a man in his 70s and is not being identified by name, but he has said that he is quite excited about the thought that an international medical community will be viewing his procedure.

The operation will be viewable through the use of virtual reality technology headsets at Royal London hospital.

Virtual Reality Technology - Image of SurgeonThe operation will be filmed through the use of a number of different specialist cameras that will be positioned above the operating table. It is expected that the surgery will continue for two to three hours. The streaming of the surgery will run at a lag of about a minute behind the procedure itself, in case any unforeseen complications should occur.

The use of VR technology could be a very promising experience for trainee physicians who have traditionally needed to try to stand out of the way of the actual surgeons while essentially trying to see over their shoulders. In this case, they will be able to wear headsets and see exactly what is going on, as though they are right there in the operating room with the best possible viewing position. It will also be possible for them to change their viewing angle in order to get a better look at something they wish to see.

Dr. Ahmed discussed the virtual reality technology live streaming of the surgery and explained that “It showcases virtual reality for what it should be used for – education.”