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PayPal mobile commerce represented 1 in 3 Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales

Of all the online orders processed by the payment platform, one third were transacted over mobile.

According to new PayPal mobile commerce data, one third of online purchases on Thanksgiving and Black Friday using that payment method were from smartphones or tablets.

Mobile devices made up one third of the total payment volume over PayPal on those two days.

These PayPal mobile commerce statistics also help to illustrate the importance of that payment platform to e-commerce as a whole. It is clear that consumers are using this transaction method on an increasing basis to complete their online purchases. When it comes to some of the top shopping days of the year such as Thanksgiving and Black Friday, that can make a significant impact on retailers’ bottom lines.

PayPal mobile commerceThe recent data suggesting that one third of PayPal payments for online purchases on those two days only underscores reports from other sources. Data analyses from other firms also suggest a similar trend where mobile accounted for about a third of Black Friday online spending.

The PayPal mobile commerce figures align very closely with the data from Adobe regarding Black Friday.

Adobe’s data pointed out that online sales during that one shopping day broke the $3 billion mark. It also pointed out that mobile devices accounted for just over a billion of those transactions.

The new figures from PayPal only add more weight to the confirmation of that trend. This also helps to provide insight into a larger part of the market, as its data adds to that from other payment methods.

PayPal currently has more than 192 million active customers as well as 15 million active merchants.

The shopping trend for both Thanksgiving Day as well as Black Friday revealed that about one third of its online purchases were through PayPal mobile commerce. This helps to show that it was not just a single day blip but that it may be a consistent trend in online shopping. This was particularly true as the total payment volume was not the same on both days. Still, the percentage of mobile shopping remained steady despite the difference in total spending.

Holiday season may bring growth to the mobile commerce market

Many consumers may use their mobile devices to shop during the holidays

The holiday season is rapidly approaching and this may represent a major opportunity involved in the mobile commerce space. Touch of Modern, an e-commerce company that specializes in exposing men to products and bands that they may be interested in, reports that the 2014 holiday season was particularly significant in terms of growth. The upcoming holiday season may provide the mobile commerce space with significant momentum that will encourage more retailers to become mobile-centric.

Touch of Modern is seeing major growth through the holiday season

Touch of Modern raised some $14 million in Series B funding last year. During that same year, the company’s revenue grew by 400%, with mobile commerce representing a significant portion of this growth. More consumers are accessing e-commerce sites through their mobile devices. These consumers note that using their mobile devices has made it easier for them to shop for and purchase products. Mobile shopping is particularly popular among consumers with long commutes, as they are able to do their shopping while traveling and have products delivered to their homes.

IBM shows that mobile traffic is growing aggressively, largely due to the holiday shopping season

Mobile Commerce Thanksgiving Shopping A report from IBM has shown that mobile commerce saw explosive growth in 2014, largely thanks to holiday shopping. On Thanksgiving Day, mobile traffic accounted for some 52.1% of all online traffic. This was the first time that mobile devices accounted for more traffic than their PC counterparts. Consumers also spent more money through their mobile devices during the 2014 holiday season than they had done in 2013.

Retailers may have major opportunities in the mobile commerce field

Mobile commerce may see a greater increase this year than it saw in 2014. More retailers have begun to embrace the mobile space, hoping to engage consumers that favor shopping with their smartphones and tablets. Retailers have significant opportunities that they can take advantage of this year, but they will have to provide consumers with an enjoyable and convenient mobile shopping experience in order to do so.