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Mobile commerce is finding success during the holidays

Report highlights the promising growth that mobile commerce is seeing

Mobile commerce say a great deal of success during the Thanksgiving weekend, according to a recent report from Adobe. The report shows that many consumers took to their smartphones and tablets to make purchases on Thanksgiving Day through Cyber Monday. These consumers found mobile shopping to be more convenient, with many being able to avoid large crowds because they could shop online. Those visiting physical stores were also able to make convenient purchases, with mobile payments making the checkout process more convenient.

Consumers are spending more money through their smartphones and tablets

The report from Adobe shows that some $11 billion in online sales were reported from Thanksgiving Day through Cyber Monday. This represents a 15% increase over the online sales that were seen last year over the same days. Notably, Black Friday stood out as a major success for the mobile commerce sector, with consumers taking advantage of the variety of deals being offered by retailers that were interested in engaging mobile consumers. While mobile commerce saw a significant boost during the holiday shopping weekend, the sector also saw an increase in fraud.

Fraud continues to be a major problem for those participating in mobile commerce

Mobile Commerce Report - holiday shoppingAnother report from iovation, a device intelligence and fraud prevention firm, shows that online retail transactions from Black Friday through Cyber Monday grew by 43% over what they had been in 2014. The firm also found that fraud was a significant issue for the mobile commerce space. According to the firm’s report, approximately 1.06% of all online transactions made from Black Friday to Cyber Monday were fraudulent. Approximately .62% of these fraudulent transactions came from mobile devices.

Retailers are beginning to fight fraud more aggressively

Consumers have shown a great deal of interest in mobile commerce, and more retailers are beginning to engage the mobile space as a result. The fraud problem, however, has made consumers somewhat wary of using their smartphones and tablets to purchase products online and in physical stores. Retailers are becoming more adept at combating fraud, however, which is creating a better environment for mobile commerce as a whole.

Black Friday was a success for mobile commerce

Mobile commerce grew significantly during the Black Friday weekend

Mobile commerce saw significant success during the Black Friday weekend. A new report from Custora, an online retail analytics company, has found that many e-commerce sites saw the majority of their purchases come from mobile devices. Consumers proven to be interested in mobile shopping this year, avoiding physical stores in order to take advantage of deals that online retailers are offering. Retailers that begun focusing on the mobile space have seen success in engaging consumers that shop using their mobile devices.

Majority of shoppers used their iOS devices to purchase products online

The report from Custora found that online retailers saw 80% of their purchases come from those with iOS devices. These consumers are using services like Apple Pay to purchase products with their smartphones. The report found that Black Friday revenue for retailers rose by 16.1% over what it was last year. Retailers have been successful in engaging mobile consumers, offering them a better shopping experience than they had last year. Many consumers had reported that the e-commerce checkout process was inconvenient on mobile devices, which lead many shoppers to abandon their purchases. Retailers seem to have resolved this issue.

Mobile shoppers spent more than $900 million during Black Friday, the majority of which came from iPhones

Mobile Commerce & E-CommerceSmartphones and tablets accounted for 36.1% of all e-commerce purchases this year, which is an increase from the 30.3% that was reported during Black Friday last year. A similar report from Adobe found that mobile consumers spent approximately $639 million during Thanksgiving Day and $905 million on Black Friday. Of this amount, some $302 million came from iPhones, with $180 million coming from Android devices.

Mobile commerce is expected to continue seeing strong growth in December

Mobile commerce is expected to find more success as the holiday season continues. In December, retailers are expected to offer a wide range of deals, some of which may be exclusive to mobile shoppers. The momentum that mobile commerce has generated during the holiday season is likely to extend into the early months of next year.