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Mobile payments firm announces support for Apple Pay and Bitcoin

Square will begin supporting Apple Pay and Bitcoin through its new register service

Square, a prominent mobile payments firm in North America, recently announced that it will be registering its service with Apple Pay. The firm is yet another prominent entity in the mobile commerce space that has begun showing support for the Apple Pay platform. Square is not limiting itself to showing support for Apple Pay, of course, and has also announced that it is considering supporting Bitcoin, a somewhat controversial digital currency.

Register service aims to accept any form of payment that will become available in the future

The firm is currently developing a register service that will allow merchants to accept traditional payments, checks, credit cards, and digital currency. Eventually, the service is meant to accept any form of payment that could emerge in the future as a way to help merchants connect with the ever evolving nature of mobile technology and how mobile payments are influencing consumer behavior. Supporting Bitcoin is one of the first steps in this endeavor.

Bitcoin continues to gain traction despite volatile nature

Mobile Payments Support for BitcoinBitcoin is somewhat controversial because of its unregulated nature. The lack of regulation makes Bitcoin somewhat volatile in terms of value. The value of this digital currency often fluctuates with little reason. At the beginning of 2014, a single Bitcoin was worth approximately $1,000. Now, however, a single coin is worth $435. The value of this currency changes based on various factors, most of which are impossible to control. Because of its volatile nature, some merchants avoid Bitcoin, but others are beginning to embrace it in order to better accommodate digital consumers.

Square does not see Apple Pay as competition because they both accomplish different tasks

Square notes that Apple Pay is not considered to be a competition for Square. Jack Dorsey, CEO of Square, claims that Apple Pay is only a platform that enables mobile payments, while Square processes these payments. Square does not build a payment device, but rather serves as a payment processor for organizations that are involved in the mobile commerce space.

Square launches new mobile commerce device

Square Reader aims to help merchants go mobile

Leading mobile commerce organization Square has unveiled “Merchant Case” with integrated Square Reader. The Square Reader platform is designed to make it easier for small businesses and entrepreneurs to participate in mobile commerce and track inventory and consumer trends through the Square Register platform. Square has also announced that it has launched a new partnership with Griffin that will launch the “Merchant Case,” which is used alongside the Square Reader.

Merchant Case adds more convenience to Square Reader

The Merchant Case is, quite simply, a protective case for a smartphone. The current iteration of the product is designed for the iPhone and features a space that can hold a Square Reader. The Square Reader is a small device that can be plugged into an iPhone, allowing for users to make mobile payments. Square has similar devices designed specifically for consumers, whereas the Square Reader is meant to target merchants.

Accessory makers design products for Square

Both the Square Reader and Merchant Case are part of the “Works with Square” program. This program tasks accessory makers with developing products that work specifically with Square’s products, expanding the company’s presence in mobile commerce. Square already has a powerful presence in North America and has recently expanded into the Japanese market. In the U.S. alone, the company has process over $16 billion in mobile payments.

Square continues to show promising success

Square is currently considered one of the leading entities in the mobile commerce space. The company has managed to beat out competition from others, including PayPal, and has been making progress on a wide range of initiatives. As mobile commerce continues to gain momentum with consumers and merchants, Square is expected to continue seeing impressive growth. This growth may help the company expand into new and promising markets in the near future.