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Smartwatch based ordering starts at Domino’s Pizza

The fast food chain has revealed that its customers are able to place orders right from their wrists.

Domino’s Pizza has now announced that its customers can use their Android Wear and Pebble smartwatch devices to be able to make and track their orders to have food ready for pickup or to be delivered to them.

Pebble owners have already been able to use this wearable technology feature, but Android Wear is now joining in.

This is only the most recent effort in a broader strategy that Domino’s has been implementing in order to boost the digital ordering capabilities for its customers. The smartwatch ordering system is on top of options that already exist for customers to make orders online through their laptops or even their smartphones and tablets. The launch of the option for more wearable technology reflects the preparation that the company is making for when those devices become more mainstream – which they are expected to do throughout this year and beyond.

The company’s move into more smartwatch ordering options has made it feel like a mobile commerce business.

Smartwatch - Domino's Pizza AppAccording to the vice president of multimedia marketing at Domino’s, Dennis Maloney, “We really think of ourselves in a lot of ways as a tech company—we’re almost an e-commerce company that sells pizza.”

For customers who want to use the service, they need to have either a Pebble or an Android Wear smartwatch onto which they have downloaded the Domino’s app. They will also need to have a recent order already saved on their profile. This can have been created through a previous order that was made using a smartphone or tablet, for example.

The digital orders can then be re-made by the wearers of smartwatches, through their wearables. This next step into digital orders is an important one for Domino’s, which has found that the online and mobile app experience that they provides them with a larger checkout rate and a boost in their customer satisfaction. Maloney explained that “Digital orders are more profitable and get a better product mix”, as customers are able to see a broader selection of available products when they look them up online or through an app, than they would if they called in their orders over the phone.

Smartwatch mobile wallet app launched for Samsung Gear 2

Wallaby unveiled its third app for wearable devices.

The mobile and online credit card optimization solution is the first to launch a mobile wallet app for the Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch, which provides users with the ability to make financial decisions in real time.

Wallaby helps consumers select the best credit card for every transaction.

The company is known for assisting consumers in choosing the credit card that is the most idea for each of their transactions to help them earn the most rewards and to save the most money. The app gives users the ability to view their credit card utilization, balances and balance limit, as well as obtain suggestions on which card is the most practical for each shopping experience.

In addition to having offerings for Android and iOS, currently, Wallaby has an app for the wearables Google Glass and Pebble. One of its goals is to appeal to early adopters of wearable technology, so that it can improve its current wearable app formula and make it more successful and appealing for other major companies when they enter the wearables market.

In an interview with Mashable, Matthew Goldman, the CEO and founder of Wallaby said that “We’ve chosen to be involved in wearables because we think that we’re providing the kind of apps people want.” He added that “A lot of people focus on fitness and health but financial health is an important factor of everyone’s everyday life.”

Goldman stated that Wallaby’s has already learned more about what users want from the company’s existing wearable applications. Their apps have helped them understand what users want to see on the tiny screens of their devices.

The Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch is believed to be the perfect wearable platform for the Wallaby app.

Goldman said of the Samsung Gear that it is a “compelling device with an excellent interface” and that it is a platform well suited to providing users financial information that will help them avoid fees and save money.

According to the company’s press release, Consumers who use the Wallaby app on their smartwatch will receive unbiased recommendations that are based on the company’s industry leading database and algorithms of “credit card promotions and rewards intelligence.”