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Older mobile games from Sega will soon be removed

The brand has yet to announce specifically which ones will be taken down from app stores.

A couple of months ago, Sega released an announcement that said that it would be shifting its focus away from console products and toward PC and mobile games in order to help to rebuild itself with a fresh reputation.

Now, it has stated that it would be sweeping away some of its older titles from mobile app stores.

Sega will soon be taking down a range of its mobile games from the different app stores where they are currently found, according to a blog post from the company. This includes the Google Play Store, the Amazon App Store, and The App Store for Apple devices, as well as the Samsung App Store. The main thing that Sega has yet to say is exactly which among its game titles would be taken down.

While many have speculated about which mobile games would be taken down, nothing official has been released.

Mobile Games - SegaBy the time this article was written, the blog posts from Sega stated only that “It is important for us to ensure that all of our fans, regardless of platform or operating system, have a great playing experience and after evaluating our complete list of titles, we have determined that a number of them no longer meet our standards,” without saying exactly which of the mobile apps fit that description.

It also pointed out in a separate statement that there are a few smartphone and tablet games within their mobile catalog that go “back to the earliest iterations of devices” and that the expectations of today’s players have increased dramatically based on the advancements that have taken place in technology.

Some have taken to looking to the posting dates of some of these mobile games, and are guessing that the ones that have been available in the app stores for the longest may also be the ones that will be taken down. However, Sega has not made any effort to confirm or deny those speculations. It was made clear that while the game apps would not be available in the stores for purchase, they would still be available to individuals who have already purchased them.

Mobile gaming may benefit from emerging trends

Mobile Gaming Trends

The past year has seen many highs and lows for the game industry and its various companies

The advent of mobile gaming has had a significant impact on the industry as a whole and has helped spawn trends that are likely to dictate the course of the game industry into the future. With more consumers showing favor for mobile gaming over traditional channels, encouraging developers to focus more on mobile platforms and incorporate new business methods that defy tradition.

Research highlights the prospects of mobile gaming

According to research from Gartner, more than 821 million smart phones and tablets were sold in the U.S. throughout 2012. As the penetration of mobile devices increased, so too did the focus on mobile games. Rovio, developers of the popular Angry Birds franchise, is one of the prime examples of the success that can be found in the mobile gaming space. The developer’s success has encouraged several other development studios to enter into the mobile space. Gartner research suggests that 44% of mobile consumers participate in mobile gaming, creating a significant incentive for game developers to target this audience.

Developers turning to corwdfunding

Crowdfunding is also becoming a popular trend in the game industry, especially where mobile gaming is concerned. Platforms like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo have paved the way for game development studios to tap directly into consumers for financial support. Several developers have used this to great success. Crowdfunding is expected to help provide the mobile gaming space with more momentum into 2013, especially as larger development studios begin making use of such platforms to fund ambitious mobile games.

Problems persist for game industry as a whole

Though the mobile gaming market represents significant opportunities, economic turmoil continues to cause problems throughout the game industry. Recently, major developer THQ filed for bankruptcy after a long period of financial trouble. Larger companies, such as Blizzard Entertainment, Sega, and Electronic Arts, have also reported layoffs in recent months. While many of these setbacks are expected to be rectified in the coming year, the industry is still likely to experience turmoil to some degree in 2013.