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QR codes added to Murrysville parks to identify tree species

For people who wonder what types of trees surround them in these green spaces, quick response codes will help.

In Murrysville, Pennsylvania, it’s becoming easier to get to know the types of trees that share their clean air, shade and gorgeous green color, as QR codes are being added to these green spaces to identify the various species.

Nature enthusiasts carrying smartphones will be able to scan the quick response codes for more information.

The QR codes are being added to the signage by the Friends of Murrysville Parks. The barcode tags have been placed onto park signs so that visitors to the area can use their smartphones to scan the codes and inform themselves about the types of trees that can be found throughout the green spaces. A scan automatically directs a user to one of the webpages hosted by the municipality and that have been created to provide information about the different types of trees that can be found throughout the parks.

At the start of the project, there are four QR codes being added to Duff Park, and five going into Townsend Park.

QR Codes - TreesThis, however, will be only the start of the program. With the initial launch, the nine codes in the two parks will get things started. However, it looks as though this will be expanded into more codes and additional parks over time.

Originally, the intention had been to build a gazebo with the municipality’s funds for Duff Park. However, the Friends of Murrysville Parks decided that it would be more appealing to launch a project that would provide tree identification.

A couple of local students were brought in by the Friends as interns and they studied the existing signage. They researched the trees and decided that adding QRcode tags would be the easiest way to update the black locust wood sign posts that are already there, hardy and rot-resistant, but that would now be able to provide far more information when scanned by smartphones.

The Friends are expecting that these QR codes will be receiving a considerable amount of use, particularly considering that Duff Park is likely the busiest of Murrysville’s eleven parks.

QR codes allow milk cartons to provide product transparency

Greatview Aseptic Packaging will allow consumers to trace their products back to the source.

Customers shopping for certain brands of milk will soon be able to scan QR codes printed on their cartons in order to be able to learn about the history of that specific product, right back to its beginnings.

These quick response codes are the result of a new program through Greatview Aseptic Packaging.

This company is the second largest roll-fed aseptic carton packaging material supplier in the world. It has made it possible to add traceable unique QR codes to its cartons by working along with other parts of the supply chain, WeChat (from Tencent) and RT-Mart (from Mengniu), the Chinese retailer. In this way, it has been able to add the Traceable+ feature to the “Selected Meadow” brand of milk.

Customers can use their smartphones to scan the QR codes to trace their milk products back to their origins.

qr codes and productsBy doing this, they will not only be able to learn about the specific milk carton that they have scanned, and its history, but they can also receive additional value added services such as price discounts. This effort by Greatview is meant to benefit both the consumer and the supply chain and producers by providing targeted advertising opportunities unlike those that are currently available.

The Mengniu COO, Bai Ying, explained that “Our partnership with Greatview, WeChat and RT-Mart has been inspired by China’s ‘Internet Plus’ strategy, which aims to integrate the internet with traditional industries. For consumers, our new offering means a more comprehensive user experience, while for us it represents a window for leveraging a fully functional big data platform.”

The Greatview CEO, Jeff Bi, also explained that the Food Safety Law in China now states that manufacturers are responsible for the creation of complete traceability systems for their supply chains. By implementing the QR codes on milk cartons, the company has been able to not only comply with this upcoming law, but it also makes it possible for producers and consumers to benefit from what it has to provide in terms of both information and advertising.