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The growing importance of tablet commerce on evenings and weekends

Tablet Commerce TrendsTablet commerce spikes after work and on weekends, making it a part of the family living room.

Recent studies have clearly shown that evening hours – particularly after 6pm – bring a tremendous increase in the use of tablet computers (based on the number of keyword searches that are performed on Google).

Though many people are inclined to feel that this is an indicator that tablet use is much less important than that over desktops and laptops, as individuals use those larger devices while they’re at work and for a much longer period of time, what it is actually indicating is that tablets are more important than they used to be and there is a specific time in which those users can be targeted.

Tablets have become a part of the family living room and the experience for relaxing in the evening.

While televisions and desktop computers remain important, it is now important to note that 86 percent of American mobile device users are watching shows either on the devices themselves, or are watching them on television while they have the gadgets in their hands.

Despite the fact that the number of options for tablet computers remains relatively small, it is becoming an important part of the content consumption on evenings and weekends. As such, it opens the doors for the integration of several platforms for a fully connected experience.

According to a recent Nielsen study about the role being played by tablets and smartphones for commerce both online and in-store, 79 percent of mobile device owners said that they had used their device at some point in the shopping process.

Among tablet owners, 42 percent said that they had bought something using that device, while 29 percent of smartphone owners claimed that they had done the same. Smartphones are generally the top in-store choice for comparison shopping and research, simply due to their portability, but tablets are more likely to use their devices from home, and to both read and write product reviews.

Tablet commerce is becoming such an important part of online shopping that retailers and marketers are beginning to consider it a unique channel, instead of simply lumping it into the mobile commerce category with smartphones and other wireless portable devices.

Mobile commerce helps revolutionize retail industry

Retailers pressured to adopt mobile commerce to engage consumers

Consumers around the world are becoming more mobile. That is, more consumers are relying on mobile technology to operate in their daily lives. Mobile technology has made many aspects of people’s lives more convenient, such as social interaction due to their constant connection to the Internet. Commerce is also being revolutionized by mobile technology and people’s growing need for convenient service. More consumers are beginning to look for alternatives to traditional, physical stores, and many have turned to mobile commerce and e-commerce.

Retailers look for ways to bridge gap between online and offline worlds

Mobile consumers are turning to the Internet to find the products and services they want to pay for. As more consumers look online, retailers are feeling the pressure to adapt or risk losing contact with a growing portion of their audience. Thus, businesses are looking for ways to close the gap that currently exists between the online and offline worlds. Few retailers are willing to abandon physical stores, so many are attempting to provide consumers with incentives to visit these stores througmobile Commerce shopping statisticsh the use of mobile commerce.

Mobile commerce services being adopted by large retail companies

Big name retailers, such as Macy’s and Nordstrom, are working to make use of digital technologies in order to provide consumers with better in-store service. These companies have been working to broaden their reach through mobile commerce and e-commerce and, as a result, have been seeing declining in-store sales. Some consumers have even begun gravitating to online shopping platforms that are offered by other companies. This competition is driving innovation in the retail industry as companies attempt to find the best balance between mobile commerce and traditional forms of engagement.

Study predicts sales in mobile commerce to double next year

A recent study from Internet Retailer, called Mobile 400 Guide, shows that mobile commerce is growing. The study predicts that mobile commerce sales will double in 2013 as more consumers gain access to smart phones and mobile devices that are capable of facilitating mobile transactions. Retailers are feeling the need to find ways to engage consumers that are becoming increasingly enthralled in the world of mobile technology.