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eBay continues to pursue mobile commerce

ebay mobile commerceMobile commerce becoming more popular with eBay

E-commerce and mobile commerce are gaining momentum and capturing the attention of consumers around the world. As smart phones and tablets become more common, consumers are looking for new ways to shop and purchase products. The more popular mobile commerce becomes, the more companies that emerge looking to establish their hold on the market. They may be unable to compete with those that have long been in the online retail space, however, such as eBay.

Analysts expect eBay to make a major push for mobile commerce in 2013

eBay has come to embrace mobile commerce in a major way. The online retailer saw major results from its mobile commerce initiatives during the 2012 holiday season. These results have helped encourage the company to continue its pursuit of establishing itself as a dominating force in the mobile commerce sector. Analysts from Canaccord Genuity suggest that eBay will continue to see promising results in mobile commerce as online shopping models become more efficient and optimized for mobile consumers.

eBay may soon compete with Amazon

Analysts suggest that eBay will see significant growth, especially in terms of the stock market, in 2013 because of the company’s focus on mobile commerce. Consumers have long been interested in purchasing products online, but have largely been restricted to their PCs. The advent of mobile technology and mobile commerce allow consumers to shop for products wherever they are. Analysts suggest that eBay currently boasts of the most robust mobile commerce services in the retail sector, which could put it in line to compete with Amazon.

Retailers expected to clash in the future

Amazon has also been showing extreme interest in mobile commerce. The company has long been at the head of the e-commerce race, but eBay is quickly becoming a major competitor. Both companies are expected to clash in the mobile commerce arena, with the victor being decided by the company that offers the most intuitive and efficient mobile commerce services to consumers.

Cyber Monday breaks sales records across the board


Cyber Monday mobile commerceCyber Monday the most successful day in retail history

Cyber Monday has come and gone and left the retail industry rejoicing what has become one of the most successful holiday shopping weekends ever. Retailers saw record sales on Cyber Monday as shoppers flocked to e-commerce sites to make purchases online. According to IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark, online sales this year rose by 30% over what they had been on Cyber Monday in 2011. IBM suggests that Cyber Monday has become the most successful online shopping day the retail industry has ever seen.

Consumers flock online for major deals

Consumers did not just use their computers to buy products online, many of them also turned to their smart phones and tablets. Mobile devices accounted for a significant portion of the sales that retailers saw on Cyber Monday. Indeed, many retailers sought to engage consumers through various mobile commerce efforts that offered deals specifically to those that made purchases using a specialized application or a smart phones or tablet.

Mobile sales soar due to the efforts of retailers

Part of the success that retailers saw through their online platforms comes from the fact that they did not actually wait until Monday to begin providing deals. Traditionally, retailers wait until Cyber Monday arrives to begin offering online-only deals. This year, however, many decided to introduce these deals on Thanksgiving and Black Friday, hoping to take advantage of the holiday shopping buzz. This proved especially successful among mobile consumers who were eager to use their devices to find products they were interested in.

Consumers still have time to benefit from mobile commerce initiatives

Though the most significant holiday shopping weekend of the year has come to an end, mobile commerce is still expected to play a major role in the remainder of the holiday season. Consumers have plenty of time to continue shopping before Christmas arrives and they will also be able to take advantage of the deals offered by retailers as that day draws nearer.