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Nokia is headed back into the mobile market

The company is seeking a new hardware partner to have a device to offer by the end of next year.

Nokia, the company that had sold its phone business in April 2014 to Microsoft, has now announced that it will be moving back into the mobile market, once more, and that it will have a new device available for purchase before two years have passed.

By late last year, it hopes to have found a new hardware partner and will be selling a device.

The company initially left the mobile market when its sales had continued a decline over several years. Microsoft now sells its range of smartphones and tablets that boast the Lumia brand. In November 2014, the company launched a tablet that is based on the Android operating system, called the Nokia N1. It used the tech, design, and logo of Nokia under license. That said, the manufacturing, distribution, marketing, and tech support were provided by Foxconn.

Now the company has announced that it is going to take a similar step into the mobile market for smartphones.

Mobile Market - Nokia PhoneIt is currently looking for a smartphone partner that will handle all of the manufacturing, distribution, marketing and customer support for its smartphone business. According to a Nokia Technologies spokesperson, Robert Morlino, “If and when we find a world-class partner who can take on those responsibilities, we would work closely with them to guide the design and technology differentiation, as we did with the Nokia N1 Android tablet.”

Morlino pointed out that it is only in this way that the “bar would be met for a mobile device” that they would feel is up to the standard of the company’s brand, and that consumers would be happy to purchase and use.

Nokia also explained that a smartphone would become available no earlier than in the fourth quarter of next year, when the company would be able to sell a Nokia smartphone under that brand name, again, because the agreement with Microsoft will no longer prohibit it from doing so.

This announcement followed only one month after Rajeev Suri, the CEO of Nokia, announced that the company was seeking suitable partners to re-enter the smartphone branch of the mobile market.

Technology news from China reveals new leader in the smartphone market

China Mobile Technology NewsSamsung is now leading the way in the Chinese marketplace as Nokia drops down to seventh place.

Android has been making massive technology news headlines in China’s smartphone market as it is now representing an estimated 86 percent of the devices in the country, as per the statistics from the last quarter of 2012.

Samsung has now leapt ahead as the leader of the devices based on that Google operating system.

That manufacturer has made some highly strategic moves that have made technology news so that they could ride their way right up to the top of the list. This new data was just released by Strategy Analytics, which performed an analysis on the data from Q4 of last year. It also almost tripled its sales in China during 2012.

The latest technology news estimates are suggesting that during 2012 alone, Samsung sold 30.06 million smartphones within the country

This represented 17.7 percent of the entire market and is a massive increase over the number that it sold in 2011, which was 10.9 million and which represented 12.4 percent of the entire market.

The reason that this is making technology news headlines around the world is that China is the largest smartphone market in the world. Moreover, its steady climb up to the top has happened at the same time that Nokia has taken a considerable slide. This took its market share from 2011 when it was 29.9 percent, to reach only 3.7 percent in 2012. It had previously been in first place, but it has dropped down to seventh place.

Among all of the remaining smartphone manufacturers making technology news, Lenovo has come in strong as the second place holder. It has taken a 13.2 percent share of the Chinese market. This is a meaningful increase after having only 4 percent in 2011. Apple had an 11 percent share and third place, followed by Huawei at 9.9 percent, and the local device maker, Coolpad, at 9.7 percent. Those were the companies that made up the coveted top five positions within the Strategy Analytics report that has only just been released to the public.