Trend Micro releases new mobile security report

Trend Micro, a leading Internet security firm, has released a new study concerning the state of mobile security. Security has become a very significant issue in the mobile space and continues to grow more serious as more consumers purchase smartphones and tablets. The advent of mobile technology has helped changed the Internet and how people connect through digital mediums. Mobile devices today store information that is considered valuable to hackers and other groups that would be interested in exploiting this information for some gain.

Report highlights security threats linked to world events

According to Trend Micro’s latest report, called “Trend Micro Q1 2013,” major events unfolding around the world have sparked an increase in the number of spammers that have been showing up online. Malicious groups are forming parties that are vaguely associated with these events in order to ensnare consumers that are interested in what is happening around the world. The report notes that the attention that Google Glass, Google’s augmented reality eyewear, has been receiving recently in one of the events that has spawned new scamming attempts, putting strain on mobile security around the world.

Mobile Security ProblemsFake mobile games and applications target consumers

The study also found that fake mobile games are becoming a major issue for consumers. Gaming applications are typically distributed through services such as Google Play and the Apple App Store. These platforms have their own ways to ensure the safety of the applications they distribute, but the developers associated with these platforms typically only have to receive their distribution license once and are able to upload to these platforms freely once they become “trusted.” Some hacking groups have begun to pay developers to upload their malicious application, essentially circumventing the security measures that distribution platforms have in place.

Mobile security continues to demand attention

Mobile security continues to be a serious issue that is not often taken very seriously. Trend Micro suggests a large portion of the Android mobile devices that are in service today have been affected by mobile security threats in some form. Understanding these mobile security threats could be the first step in adequately defending mobile devices from the risks they face in the digital world.