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NFC technology for mobile payments expanding in Canada

CIBC has announced its expansion of the smartphone transactions for credit card holders.

Major Canadian bank, CIBC, has now partnered with a second large wireless carrier in the country in order to be able to broaden the availability of its mobile payments services to its customers who have NFC technology enabled smartphones.CIBC - NFC Technology

CIBC and Telus have now announced a new partnership and mobile payments app.

This partnership has brought about a new app that will allow certain models of smartphones with NFC technology that run on the Telus network to be able to be used for making credit card purchases for items costing up to $50. These small purchase include anything from groceries to gas.

CIBC already has an established partnership with Rogers for NFC technology based smartphone payments.

Rogers is one of the largest wireless providers in Canada. That company started its mobile payments partnership in 2012. Customers of both of those companies can use their mobile devices at Canadian “tap and pay” terminals. According to the CIBC senior vice president of payments strategy and innovation, Todd Roberts, “In the next two years, by and large, you will have every bank and every major telco providing the service to clients.”

Roberts explained that he feels that this technology will become just as common as telephone banking and ATMs. He said that when this happens, “we will treat this as an everyday part of our lives.”

In order to encourage mobile payments to spread more broadly, smartphones would have to be enabled with near field communication tech. This makes it possible for the terminals to read the necessary verification data from the mobile devices so that small credit card purchases can be made. At the moment, to use this service, the credit card must have been issued by CIBC and they must have their wireless service through Rogers or Telus. In the future, the bank expects that a partnership may also be possible with Bell, one of the largest wireless providers in the country.

The more wireless carriers there are in partnership with CIBC for NFC technology based mobile payments, the better the chances that a credit card customer will be able to actually use these services.

New mobile payments service launched in Canada

Moneris launches new mobile payments service

Moneris Solutions, a Canadian payment processor, has launched a new mobile payments service called “Payd Pro.” The new service is designed to be used alongside debit cards, allowing the financial information associated with these cards to be used by a mobile device. The mobile payments service is meant to make commerce more convenient for consumers that are constantly on the go and could be ideal for commuters that have little time to shop at physical stores.

Payd Pro utilizes Bluetooth technology

Unlike other mobile payments services, Payd Pro is not based on NFC technology. This is because NFC-enabled mobile devices are still quite rare among consumers and NFC has begun to attract a significant amount of criticism regarding its security. Instead, Payd Pro utilizes Bluetooth technology in order to make it more accessible to both iOS and Android devices. The Payd Pro application offers a variety of mobile commerce management tools that have been developed by Moneris. These tools have been quite well received by small businesses in Canada that have used them in the past.

Canada Mobile Payments ServiceService encrypts card data at transaction

Payd Pro encrypts the card data that it uses at the time of transaction. This is meant to provide security for the financial information that is being used to conduct mobile payments. Security has become a major issue when it comes to the world of mobile commerce due to the malicious parties that have been attracted to this rapidly growing sector. Hackers have shown interest in mobile commerce because of the relatively low-level security systems that many platforms are equipped with.

Consumers and businesses showing increasing interest in mobile payments

Canadian consumers have been growing more interested in mobile payments in recent years, largely due to the growing levels of smartphone and tablet ownership. As more people are exposed to the concept of mobile commerce, the more they are demanding mobile payments services that are both secure and easy to use. Moneris has been able to meet this demand to some degree with its variety of mobile commerce services offered to consumers and businesses alike.