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New mobile marketing head named by Samsung

The electronics and technology giant has made this announcement right before a key launch.

Samsung Electronics has recently announced that it has named a new mobile marketing chief, as the South Korean device manufacturer prepares for its upcoming unveiling of the next generation of its flagship Galaxy S smartphone.

The new head of mobile advertising has been appointed after having previously been the head of Russian operations.

The new mobile marketing head will be Lee Sang-chul, who had previously led the Russian operations for Samsung. He has been identified as strategic advertising for the smartphone, tablet, and wearables based business, said a spokeswoman. Lee Sang-chul will be replacing Kim Seok-pil, who stepped down from the position. According to several reports, an unidentified individual who is familiar with the matter has said that Kim chose to step down for reasons unrelated to performance, but is instead facing health concerns that brought about the decision. The same source stated that the exec will be returning to work for Samsung at a later date.

The new mobile marketing chief has also previously worked for the company’s Latin American operations.

Mobile marketing newsWith only under a month left before the latest Galaxy S device is expected to be launched, Lee will now be expected to take over the oversight of that event, as well as the mobile advertising and promotions that will surround it and follow it. This is no small responsibility, as the success of this flagship smartphone will be vital for that of Samsung.

The mobile technology company has been facing a considerable slide in its mobile earnings and sales, with a reported drop of 64 percent in the last quarter of 2014, when compared to that same quarter in 2013. It is also headed toward the first decline that it has seen in its profits in three years.

Some analysts have reported that the success of the mobile marketing of this device could be critical, and that Samsung would not be able to afford another round of unsuccessful sales of a premium smartphone device. The reason is that the current flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S5, has suffered comparatively poor sales when compared to previous generations.

Mobile marketing is seeing click growth

The number of people who are accessing ads on their smartphones and tablets has been steadily rising.

According to the a new report that was recently published by Marin Software, mobile marketing is seeing a steady improvement in the number of people who are clicking on ads displayed on their smartphone and tablet screens as they browse the web and shop online.

In fact, the number of clicks of those mobile ads has risen to make up about half of the UK market.

The report showed that fifty percent of all of the clicks that were made to online ads came through mobile marketing channels, revealing the importance of tablets and smartphones to advertising online. It also suggests that there could be a time in the near future in which the number of clicks over mobile devices will exceed that of laptops and desktops.

The conversion rates for clicked ads were also quite high, revealing an increased importance to mobile marketing.

Mobile Marketing - Click GrowthAmong all of the people who clicked on ads – regardless of the device that was used – forty three percent who went on to be converted into paying customers were using smartphones or tablets. This showed that people aren’t just using their mobile devices to browse products and read reviews, but they are also making actual purchases and are completing their transactions.

While desktop and laptop computers may have a higher conversion rate than mobile devices, the issue is that the advertising over that channel costs considerably more than it does in the over mobile. That said, regardless of its growth, mobile advertising has been greatly undervalued.

The annual rise in the number of sales that are being generated over mobile devices is being interpreted by many experts in the industry as a sign that the use of laptops and PCs for the completion of secure online shopping will one day move into the mainstream, instead of being something that only the minority of people actually do. The report showed that the United Kingdom was the only location in Europe in which mobile marketing was shown to be less effective than online advertising over PCs and laptops.