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JD and Tencent seek to improve mobile marketing in China

JD and Tencent will be expanding their partnership in order to improve mobile marketing

JD.com, one of China’s largest online retailers, and Tencent, a prominent provider of Internet services in China, have announced that they will be expanding their partnership in order to transform mobile marketing throughout the country. A growing number of consumers with smartphones and tablets has lead to a higher demand for new marketing solutions in order to effectively engage mobile consumers. Retailers are finding it somewhat difficult to catch the attention of mobile shoppers, especially those that are becoming more involved in mobile commerce.

China is becoming a very powerful mobile commerce market

China has become a leading mobile commerce market, with many consumers showing favor for shopping with their smartphones. New mobile marketing solutions are needed in order to ensure that retailers can continue to engage these consumers. JD and Tencent will be exploring new avenues to leverage Tencent’s social platforms in order to create more favorable marketing solutions. Together, the companies intend to make use of the big-data resources that Tencent has access to, as well as the e-commerce information that JD has collected over the years.

New marketing solutions could help retailers engage mobile consumers

Mobile Marketing Improvments - ChinaThrough the expanded partnership, JD and Tencent intend to develop new online tools that will ensure that retailers can target mobile consumers in a more dynamic fashion. Mobile marketing has proven to be an effective way to engage new generations of consumers that are becoming more reliant on smartphones and tablets. These devices have become powerful tools in changing how consumers shop online and in the physical world. In China, retailers have seen the rise of mobile commerce, which is pressuring them to become more mobile-centric.

Mobile marketing expected to thrive in China

As mobile marketing becomes more robust in China, many more consumers are expected to begin participating in mobile commerce. New marketing solutions may make it easier for retailers to connect with consumers. Through mobile marketing, these companies can offer consumers better deals and shopping opportunities that they may not have had access to in the past.

Instagram is winning the mobile marketing fight

Instagram will surpass others when it comes to mobile ad revenue

Instagram may overcome both Google and Twitter when it comes to mobile marketing by 2017. According to a new report from eMarketer, the social networking company is expected to generate more than $2.81 billion in global mobile ad revenue by 2017. This is 372% higher than the $595 million that eMarketer had original estimated the company would generate this year. Both Twitter and Google may fall behind Instagram, as the social network finds more success in the mobile marketing space.

Mobile marketing is gaining prominence among retailers and social networks alike

Mobile marketing has become a very important business tool. More consumers are beginning to use their smartphones and other devices to shop for and purchase products, as well as expose themselves to new services that they may be interested in. Mobile ad displays are a powerful way to engage consumers and these ads have found a promising home on social networks, where millions of consumers are exposed to advertisements on a daily basis.

Google and Twitter will fall behind Instagram in mobile ad revenue by 2017

Mobile Marketing - InstagramAccording to eMarketer, Instagram will surpass both Google and Twitter in terms of revenue generated through mobile ad displays. The other two companies currently generate more revenue than Instagram, but that will change by 2017. By that year, Google is estimated to generate $2.38 billion in mobile ad display revenue, whereas Twitter is expected to generate some $2.29 billion. As Instagram becomes more powerful in the mobile marketing space, it will account for a larger share of Facebook’s overall mobile ad revenue.

Action-oriented ads are gaining momentum among businesses that want to engage mobile consumers

The growth of Instagram’s mobile ad revenue may be due to the rising popularity of “action-oriented” advertisements. These ads are designed to encourage specific actions among consumers. In some cases, such ads are accompanied by “buy” buttons, which allow users to make a purchase products that they find on social networking sites. These buy buttons are proving to be an effective tool for retailers when it comes to engaging mobile consumers.