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Mobile commerce transactions are racing ahead of 2012

The sales from the first half of this year have already managed to exceed all of those from last year.

According to data released by Affiliate Window, there have already been more mobile commerce sales in 2013 in the first half of the year than there were in all of 2012.

This, according to the latest report from the performance marketing company on these transactions.

Affiliate Window is a performance marketing company. The report that it issued regarding mobile commerce sales showed that among all of the sales that it is experiencing at the moment, 20.89 percent are now originating from smartphones and tablets. This was a notable increase over even a month beforehand when that same figure had been 18.16 percent.

The growth in mobile commerce transactions was even more significant when compared to January.

Mobile commerce report - mobile transactions growthThe report issued by the company also showed that in January 2013, the number of transactions had been far lower than in the last month of the report. In January, it had been more than 6 percent lower than it was in June.

Mobile commerce is playing a rapidly growing role in online shopping and is representing an increasingly large share of those sales. In June, it had a share of 8.52 percent, while in May it had been 7.5 percent. This represents the first time that sales originating from smartphones have ever had a share of the online shopping market that was greater than 8 percent.

Moreover, the report also showed that for the first time since March 2011, the share of the traffic that was originating from iPads had fallen below the share that was originating from the iPhone. That said, tablets as a whole are still being seen as a much larger contributor to shopping. They represent a much larger share of the transactions occurring online.

Equally, Affiliate Window recorded that the conversion rates that it is experiencing have plateaued at just a little bit more than three percent across both tablet and smartphone devices. The second half of this year should prove to be very interesting in terms of defining trends that can be compared with those from previous years.

M-commerce is an important contributor to online shopping

infographic-april-062An infographic released by Shopzilla has indicated that smartphones and tablets having a meaningful impact.

In the official launch of Shopzilla Inc.’s new monthly online shopping research initiative, the company has published an infographic that has pointed out a number of key trends, including the importance that m-commerce is having to the sales that are being made over the internet.

The first issue of this monthly report is the start of the tracking of key shopping trends online.

The data presented in this e- and m-commerce report and infographic is based on a survey that was conducted directly following purchasing from the Bizrate Insights Network. That network includes more than 5,200 American and Canadian online retailers. This study data was collected from April 24 through April 30, 2013 with the participation of more than 9,000 buyers.

Among the findings of the online and m-commerce trend survey which were included in the infographic were the following:

There were a number of surprising trends from consumers over various e- and m-commerce channels, such as:

• More sales were driven by emails from stores than magazines, Facebook, and blogs and content sites.
• Though desktops continue to lead the way (used by 85 percent of the respondents), 11 percent of the online purchases came from an iPad tablet device. This figure was 20 percent for those with HHI $150K+.
• iPhones performed far less than their Apple tablet m-commerce counterparts, with 2 percent.
• That said, Android phones performed equally to iPhones, at 2 percent, but Android based tablets were far behind iPads, at less than 1 percent.
• Tablets and smartphones based on other operating systems both came in at less than 1 percent.
• Among the respondents, 75 percent said that price helped to influence their buying decisions.
• The respondents said that they’d rather spend than try to be frugal in 28 percent of the cases.
• Thirty one percent felt that they would be spending more in the month following than they did that month.
• Seventeen percent of online purchases were made from the workplace.

The complete findings of the Shopzilla study are available on their website.