The electronics giant is placing its focus on texting consumers in order to draw them into its stores.

Best Buy is making a number of strong mobile marketing efforts throughout this month in order to help to encourage consumers to head into its stores to take advantage of massive deals on Black Friday.

The electronics chain is hoping that keeping consumers aware of the discount opportunities is key.

Their primary purpose for this mobile marketing is to make sure that its customers remain informed as to the various discount opportunities that will be available in the stores so that they will make the trek to grab hold of these great prices. In this strategy, Best Buy is urging consumers to opt into its SMS database so that they will be able to receive the latest information regarding the opportunities that will be available to them on Black Friday and the entire holiday shopping season.

From that time, shoppers can choose whether or not to continue to receive mobile marketing texts.

Mobile Marketing - Best BuyOnce consumers are already signed up for receiving these holiday specific mobile marketing messages, they can also choose to receive future texts with similar messages. As of the time this article was written, Best Buy’s intention was to provide texts from now until the end of the year to those who have subscribed to the holiday shopping texts.

According to the Iris Mobile CEO and president, Cezar Kolodziej, “Mobile messaging programs like SMS are the preferred channel for reaching customers anytime and anywhere.” He added that “Redemption rates and open rates for mobile messaging are much higher than other channels.” He also explained that this makes mobile marketing through text a “no-brainer” for companies that are looking for a way to communicate directly with consumers at any time, but particularly throughout the holiday shopping season, when the highest number of people are looking to shop and are being deluged by ads and incentives from the competition.

At the moment, the mobile marketing efforts being made by Best Buy are being geared specifically toward shoppers looking for electronics during the holiday season.