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Google getting aggressive in the realm of mobile commerce

Google Mobile CommerceGoogle takes ambitious steps to secure position in mobile commerce arena

For the past year, Google has been showing strong interest in mobile commerce and online retail. The company’s Google Wallet has been somewhat well received by consumers around the world, many of whom praise the product’s ability to make purchasing products more convenient. Google has seen significant growth in the mobile commerce and retail arenas, which has lead to confrontation with companies that have long held dominance in these industries, such as Amazon.

Channel Intelligence platform could be a major boon for Google

In a move to make itself more competitive with Amazon, Google has announced the acquisition of Channel Intelligence, a data management platform for retailer inventory. Channel Intelligence could give Google the tools it needs to make major progress in the realm of e-commerce. The platform holds a vast amount of information concerning retail advertisers. Using the platform, Google will be able to access detailed retailer pricing and inventory data, as well as data on how retailers convert shoppers into dedicated customers. The platform is expected to give Google better pricing power over its own advertisements.

Platform to help Google provide better services to retailers

The Channel Intelligence platform will help Google offer better options to retailers concerning advertising through its widely used search engine. This will allow the company to establish a more dominant foothold in the world of online shopping and likely set it to directly compete with Amazon. Consumers have already proven that they rely heavily on online search to make their shopping more efficient, but more of these consumers are using mobile devices to shop and research products. Amazon already has a significant lead over Google in regards to catering to mobile consumers.

Mobile commerce demand growing among consumers

Mobile commerce continues to be a strong focus for Google and other companies interested in the retail industry. The demand for mobile commerce services among consumers has reached the point where it can no longer be ignored by retailers, thus these companies are making a push to accommodate the needs and interests of these consumers more adequately. Google has seen a major opportunity for growth in providing these retailers with tools that could make them more effective in the field of mobile commerce.

Google Wallet showing promising progress

 Google Wallet growing as security issues get resolved

Google is quickly establishing itself as a leader in mobile commerce. Last year, the famed technology company launched the Google Wallet, a mobile payment platform that allows consumers to make purchases using an NFC-enabled smart phone. The platform had a turbulent launch, receiving criticism for its lackluster security features and accessibility, but Google has worked to resolve these issues quickly. Now, the company claims that mobile payments being made with Google Wallet are on the rise and are growing faster than had been accepted.

Mobile payments double in six week period

According to Google, mobile transactions made with Google Wallet have doubled in the six weeks that have passed since the launch of a new cloud-based version of the platform that was introduced on August 1. This version of Google Wallet was designed to address the various security concerns that consumers had with the original platform. Because the platform is now connected to a cloud computing network, the financial information that is used to be stored on a smart phone itself is now stored in a secure digital network. Thus, this information cannot be as easily stolen or exploited.

Slow and steady may win the raceGoogle Wallet

Despite the rapid growth Google Wallet has experienced over the past month or so, Google notes that mobile payments are not going to be an overnight success. The company is gearing up for the long haul, especially as more competitors emerge in the growing mobile commerce field. Google notes that there is still a great deal of work left to do in getting consumers comfortable with NFC technology. Osama Bedier, vice president of Google Wallet and the company’s mobile payments, claims that this is a three-to-five-year effort and that consumers still have a lot of concerns regarding NFC technology and its safety.

Google to clash with Isis

Google’s largest competitor to date, Isis, is expected to launch in a matter of days. The Isis platform boasts of some impressive security features and has managed to garner the backing of most of the world’s major financial institutions. Google Wallet is still struggling to find this support, but has proven rampantly popular with consumers. Isis has proven favorable with businesses, but has yet to enthrall consumers.