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Geolocation application experiences massive user growth

Geolocation growthLife360 has announced that it already has 25 million members and that is rapidly rising.

A geolocation app for smartphones called Life360 has been designed to allow families to be able to monitor the locations of their members, has announced that it predicts that it will have broken the 25 million registered user mark by the end of 2012.

This will mean that the company will become serious competition for the wider known Foursquare.

In fact, Foursqure, though it may be much higher profile, just passed the 25 million user mark in September 2012. That company is also based on a geolocation application. Both of those businesses first opened in 2008, but while Foursquare was able to raise more than $71 million, Life360 was only able to raise $6.85 million.

The Life360 chief exec is now predicting that its geolocation app will surpass the competition.

Chris Hulls, the chief executive of Life360 has announced that he believes that his geolocation app will have passed the audience size of Foursquare within the next couple of months. He has justified his prediction by saying that his company is experiencing a far higher growth rate than the competition. That said, he didn’t share any specific figures regarding the growth rates of either company.

Hulls also declined to reveal how many of his geolocation app’s registered members are actually regular users who are actively using the service. The most specific statement that he would provide was that it was a “pretty high ratio”.

In a phone conversation, Hulls explained that “We’ve really hit an inflection point in the company in terms of the family network going digital. We want to be the company that really owns your family life on the phone.”

The company used a new press release to announce this new membership milestone and, at the same time, launched a new brightly colored website branding style. Furthermore, it also announced that two new features would be added to its geolocation app. These are designed to help tech savvy parents to achieve greater piece of mind. They include “geofencing” through its Places feature, and map view crime data.

Geolocation partnership declared between SocialVibe and Placecast

Geolocation PartnershipThe two companies will also work together to provide a virtual currency service to consumers.

SocialVibe, a digital ad company, and Placecast, a location-based mobile marketing business, have just announced that they will be working together to bring together geolocation and virtual currency that can be amassed by consumers through gaming and online browsing behaviors.

This service will target mobile shoppers who are seeking retail discounts at local shops.

The partnership between these two companies marries the digital marketing platform from SocialVibe with the geofencing technology from Placecast, in order to improve and enhance the consumer experience. In order to take advantage of these geolocation technology benefits, a consumer will need to travel near to the actual physical location of the store. This will trigger the discount opportunities.

The entire geolocation discount experience is based on an opt-in program.

Within it, the consumer can choose the specific brands from which he or she would like to receive geolocation based discount alerts. Every time they opt in for a program, they use virtual currency that is connected to an online activity or social game in which he or she is participating. When that individual travels near to the brick and mortar storefront that is linked to that specific brand program, it triggers a geofence, which then sends the consumer an SMS alert. This could include anything from a reminder of the currency that has been earned to a specific discount offer.

The partnership provides a new way of interacting with consumers (through their online browsing and gaming habits), in order to develop them into a geolocation marketing strategy based on his or her physical position, which then makes offers for in store discounts and other benefits.

It is not yet known which games will be available to the consumers as a result of this new partnership. However, the technology is already being tested, said the director of business development at SocialVibe, Chris LoRusso.

The new partnership will work with geolocation technologies as well as SMS messaging, which means that it is not necessary for the user to have a smartphone provided that he or she simply opts in.