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Facebook reveals new mobile commerce product

Facebook’s Autofill product has been unveiled at the company’s own developer’s conference

Facebook has unveiled a new mobile commerce product at its f8 developer’s conference. The company has been showing more interest in mobile payments for some time and has been taking steps to help facilitate mobile shopping through its social network in order to cater to the interests of its users.  The new product is called “Autofill” and is meant to simplify the process of making payments from a mobile device.

Autofil aims to make mobile shopping more efficient and enjoyable for consumers

Autofill is designed to make payments simpler by removing the need to input financial information multiple times. Facebook began testing this product last year while it was exploring ways to improve the mobile shopping experience for consumers. The testing phase allowed Facebook to form a better understanding of the mobile commerce space and the expectations that consumers have therein. Using this information, Facebook aimed to develop a product that could bring more efficiency to the mobile shopping experience.

Facebook has been slow to enter into the mobile payments space, focusing instead on marketing

Mobile Commerce - FacebookFacebook has been relatively slow to embrace mobile payments when compared to similar companies. This is largely because the company has become heavily focused on mobile marketing. Facebook has been working to leverage itself as a mobile advertising platform in order to attract new investors and provide services to companies interested in engaging mobile consumers. As Facebook becomes more confident in its advertising services, it is beginning to expand its focus to other mobile-centric sectors.

Autofill may become popular if it manages to enhance the mobile shopping experience

Exactly how popular the Autofill product will be among consumers is impossible to determine at this time. There is generally little hype behind the product, but consumers have shown that they are often on the lookout for new mobile commerce products that can improve their shopping experience. If Autofill can accomplish this task, it may become a very popular product that could have a major impact on how people experience mobile shopping in the relatively near future.

Facebook takes a step toward mobile commerce

New partnerships could give Facebook a foothold in mobile commerce

Facebook has shown some interest in mobile commerce recently, but has yet to take any aggressive action on this interest. The social network facilitates mobile payments, mostly through the variety of social games it supports, but does not boast of a major presence in the mobile commerce sector. That may soon change, however, as Facebook has announced its partnership with PayPal, Stripe, and Braintree. The partnership with these companies may help Facebook gain a foothold in the mobile commerce space.

New service designed to make payments more convenient

Through the partnerships it has made, Facebook intends to deploy its “Autofill With Facebook” service. The service is meant to enhance the payment experience, making purchasing items online more convenient for consumers. The service functions like typical autofill features for web browsers, but focuses on financial information. Using the Autofill service allows consumers to store their financial information with Facebook, which can access this information to fill out payment forms in a convenient manner.

Facebook mobile commerceService is meant to supplement mobile commerce services

The service is not meant to compete with other mobile commerce services. Facebook intends for the Autofill service to be a supplement to mobile commerce, making payments less of a hassle for consumers on mobile devices. Facebook may eventually seek to compete in the mobile commerce space, but is currently content to provide auxiliary support for the wide variety of mobile commerce services that currently exist, all of which are vying for the attention of consumers.

Facebook focuses on marketing

Facebook currently has a strong focus on marketing rather than mobile commerce. The social network is working to become more attractive to marketers by improving its services relating to mobile advertisements. Last year, the social network introduced Facebook Graph Search, which is meant to give users a very deep insight into the various demographics that make use of the social networking platform. This search engine has been relatively well received by marketers.