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Mobile games represent 31% of all app downloads worldwide

Mobile games continue to show impressive growth

Mobile games are beginning to play a larger role in the lives of people around the world. Mobile analytics firm Distimo and mobile commerce firm MEF have released a new report concerning the trends that have emerged worldwide concerning the use of mobile application. The report shows that mobile games have come to represent a significant percentage of all application downloads. These games also make up the majority of the revenue that the applications sector is responsible for.

Games account for majority of app revenue

According to the report, mobile games represent 31% of all application downloads around the world. While this may seem like a small share of the given market, these games also represent 71% of the total revenue of Apple’s App Store and 89% of the revenue of Google Play. Many mobile games are free to play, but include in-game purchases that allow users to spend money to unlock additional content. Much of the revenue that these games produce come from these purchases.

Mobile Games - AppsFreemium model proves lucrative for developers and publishers

Approximately 7% of the revenue that mobile games are responsible for comes from actually purchasing a game. The so called “freemium” model, whereby games can be acquired for free but additional features must be purchased through small transactions, is the most lucrative model for mobile developers currently. Mobile games have come to represent one of the most lucrative sectors for the game industry as a whole and a growing number of prominent developers and publishers are beginning to take the mobile space more seriously as a result.

Mobile games likely to continue gaining momentum around the world

Mobile games are expected to continue seeing strong growth throughout the world, especially as these games begin making their way to emerging markets in Africa and Asia. China is currently home to one of the most robust mobile gaming markets in the world, with thousands of games being produced on a daily basis throughout the country.

Mobile commerce at Google Play growing faster than Apple App Store

According to a recent report, apps for Android have greater traction than those for iOS.

App store analytics firm, Distimo, has just released a monthly global apps report that has provided insight into the mobile commerce growth rates that have been experienced by the industry giants throughout the length of July 2013.

This includes an overview of the Apple App Store and Google Play total revenues in the first half of the year.

The Distimo report also examined the relative mobile commerce market sizes in each of the countries that it included in its analysis. What it determined was that over the first six months of 2013, both Google Play and the Apple App Store have seen considerable increases in their total revenues. The Apple App store saw a considerably smaller amount of growth at 15 percent than the massive increases that were experienced by Google Play, at 67 percent.

Mobile Commerce Report - Google vs. AppleAt the same time, the mobile commerce earnings from Apple were greater than those at Google.

In fact, as much as Google Play may be experiencing faster mobile commerce growth than the Apple App Store, Apple’s revenue generation was twice as large as that of its main competitor.

Among all of the mobile commerce markets analyzed in July within this study, it was the United States that was found to have spent the largest amount of money on apps. This was followed by Japan, in second place, and the South Korea, in third place. Those were also the countries that contributed the most to the growth of the revenue at Google Play.

Among all of the apps that were sold in the two primary mobile commerce stores in July 2013, the apps that saw the best performance when it came to free downloads, paid downloads, as well as those that experienced the largest amount of global aggregate revenue, were each identified within the study. It also went on to identify the leading publishers for that month within each of those various categories. The report also went on to provide greater detail regarding the leading new apps based on their exceptional performance.