Mobile games and philanthropy are beginning to come together

Mobile games may help non-profit groups raise funds

Mobile games have provided hours of entertainment for thousands of people around the world. These games have also become quite lucrative for the game industry as a whole, but they could be used to do some good in the world. The Global Gaming Initiative aims to use the power of mobile games to strengthen the bridge between technology and philanthropy. The organization specializes in developing games that have a purpose that extends beyond entertainment and generating revenue.

Developer creates game for World Bike Relief

The Global Gaming Initiative has partnered with World Bike Relief, a non-profit organization that works to bring bicycles to impoverished communities in Africa, South American, and Southeast Asia. These bikes are a valuable commodity to these communities as they provide a reliable form of transportation to those that cannot afford their own vehicles and those living in areas that do not have dedicated public transit systems. For its partner, the Global Gaming Initiative has developed a new title that aims to raise funds.

50% of in-game purchases to be donated to non-profit group

The game is called Sidekick Cycle and 50% of in-game purchases will be donated to World Bicycle Relief. The game is initially available for iOS devices, with an Android version expected to be made available later in the year. The game tasks players to perform various tricks and collect coins as they make their way through the African wilderness. The bicycles featured in the game can be customized and there are various collectibles that can be found throughout the game.

Charitable organizations see promise in mobile games

Mobile games are quite popular throughout the world, but relatively few of these games are used to support non-profit organizations. These organizations are beginning to see the potential of mobile games, however, and some are beginning to develop their own games in order to raise funds for various projects.

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