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Several mobile games from top brands retired by Disney

A number of different apps have been removed, including titles from Marvel and Star Wars.

Disney Interactive recently announced that it would be retiring a range of its mobile games for Android, iOS and Windows Phone based devices, meaning that while they haven’t been taken down by the app stores online, they also won’t be updated or supported at any point in the near future.

This step has been taken as Disney Interactive has chosen to focus its resources on new and upcoming mobile apps.

The mobile games won’t actually be taken down from the online stores, so they are available for people who still have them, the support will no longer be there and the updates won’t keep coming. Two of the mobile apps that have been considered to be the most controversial among those that were taken down are “Star Wars: Tiny Death Star” and “Star Wars: Assault Team”. Though “Assault Team” had been developed by a Disney mobile studio, “Tiny Death Star” was created by NimbleBit, an indie developer.

Recent reports have stated that NimbleBit wasn’t informed of the retirement of the mobile games.

Mobile Games - DisneyThis was reported by GameSpot, which pointed out that the controversy surrounding the retirement of these mobile apps was started when a fan was the one to notify NimbleBit of the situation when they weren’t able to download the game from the Apple App Store.

Other games that have been removed include both “Monkey Island” and “Monkey Island 2”. Those were some fan favorite titles and their removal has been disappointing to many people who enjoyed them. They were often considered to be the adventure game apps that were the funniest ever put out by Lucas Arts.

Other mobile apps that have had their titles retired include “Guardians of the Galaxy: The Universal Weapon, Avengers Alliance, Avengers Initiative, and Wreck-It Ralph, but there were also many more.

For device users who purchased these mobile games using real money, no refunds were being offered at the time this article was written. Moreover, special offers and in-game items will also not be provided to the players of these apps.

Disney finds success with mobile games

Mobile games become a valuable revenue stream for Disney and Marvel

Mobile games have proven to be quite rewarding for Disney. The company has reported that it has established a strong revenue stream in licensing Marvel property to mobile game developers. Companies like Kabam have used their licenses to produce games that have become resoundingly popular among consumers. Due to the success of these mobile games, Disney is likely to continue placing emphasis on the mobile sector in order to find greater degrees of success.

Marvel Contest of Champions proves to be a resounding success

Kabam found significant success with its Marvel Contest of Champions game, an arcade fighter that has established a massive following. According to estimates from Thinkgaming, the game produces approximately $293,000 in daily sales, on average. The game is only six months old and boasts of more than 750,000 daily actives users. Marvel Contest of Champions holds a higher daily revenue and active user base than other games that have also become rampantly popular among consumers.

Mobile games continue to appeal to a wide audience of consumers

Mobile Games - DisneyMobile games are attractive because of their convenient nature, much like mobile payments. These games can be played at anytime and anywhere in the world, making them an attractive form of entertainment for consumers that travel frequently or have time to spare. The mobile space is quickly becoming one of the most lucrative aspects of the game industry, and more developers are beginning to focus their efforts on the mobile space in order to find success.

Disney may place more emphasis on the mobile sector

Disney has a long history in the game industry, producing titles that have enthralled millions. The mobile sector is providing the company with new opportunities, especially now that Disney is closely tied to Marvel. The success that Marvel has found in the film business has generate hype for games that make use of its intellectual properties, and these games have managed to attract the attention of gamers. Mobile games will likely play a larger role in Disney’s overall business plan going into the future.