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Blackberry to launch the most secure Android phone

The struggling Canadian company is preparing to release yet another handset in the hopes of recovery.

BlackBerry has announced that it will soon be releasing the most secure Android phone the world has ever seen. The company has made it clear that it will not give up its hardware business unless it is given no other choice. Now, it’s hoping that topping security levels over any other Android device will bring its smartphones back into relevance.

The company has unveiled the DTEK50, which is a smartphone the company hopes will appeal to “everyone.”

BlackBerry feels the appeal of a highly secure Android phone is increasing. Consumers are coming to realize that there are many threats to their security over mobile, but they can’t give up their smartphones. Therefore, the company wants to stand out from among the rest by offering those shoppers a device that will keep their personal, private and financial information safe.

Mobile security is a considerable concern among many consumers. That said, a large number haven’t taken even the most basic steps needed to protect their devices. The hope from BlackBerry is that if the device has the added security built in, it will have a significant draw.

The company feels that consumers and businesses want the most secure Android phone available.

Senior vice president of global device sales, Alex Thurber, said “We feel that customers today, certainly businesses and consumers, are beginning to understand just how important security is when it comes to their smartphone.” Thurber spoke during a BlackBerry webcast from the company’s Waterloo, Ontario headquarters.

He explained that it’s important for everyone to be aware of privacy and security issues, risks and threats on their devices, no matter who they are. “I certainly want my children to have secure devices. I don’t want the world looking at what they take pictures of or their emails or their text messages,” he said.

The new BlackBerry DTEK50 has been designed to be the most secure Android phone. It contains built-in features such as encryption and malware protection to keep all user info safe. It also provides enhanced capabilities for viewing and controlling the access apps have to the mobile device features such as the camera.

BlackBerry boosts mobile security investment with Encription acquisition

The turnaround strategy for the struggling Canadian handset maker is now aiming toward cyber-protection.

BlackBerry has tried virtually everything to try to recover its floundering handset business, but the area in which it has remained strong – and where its future may lie – is in mobile security.

The company has underscored that belief in the recent acquisition of Encription, a company based in the U.K.

Encription is a consultancy that is based in cyber and mobile security. The importance of digital security has been increasing in virtually every industry around the world, particularly in the growth in of the Internet of Things (IoT). As the dependence on connected technology increases, so does the demand for security software and related consultancy services. BlackBerry has always been strong in this area and will likely be playing to that strength in order to recover from its suffering hardware business as it recreates itself.

The details regarding the acquisition of the cyber and mobile security firm have yet to be released.

Mobile Security - BlackberryThat said, by acquiring this company, BlackBerry will gain access to a large new customer base, in addition to the talent of about 40 professionals in the cyber security industry. These experts have already assisted in testing network vulnerabilities for a wealth of large corporations as well as government agencies.

The head of corporate development at BlackBerry, James Mackey, explained that acquiring Encription was a natural decision for the company and will seamlessly extend BlackBerry to allow it to offer a broader range of cyber security services than it ever has. Moreover, as it solidifies its customer base with the newest additions, it will now become possible for the Canadian tech company to cross-sell its own software products.

Protecting device users against mobile security threats, as well as the creation and implementation of strategies to mitigate those threats and the enhancement of vital IT security standards are some of the areas in which BlackBerry has held considerable appeal among consumers and business customers, alike. Many industry analysts have been predicting this path for the company for well over a year, as the hardware side of the company continues a downward stumble.