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The Most Popular Categories in Mobile Gaming

Video games have received a lot of attention in the past decade. The immense growth they’ve experienced has made them a go-to hobby for millions of people, placing them at the top of the ladder! As you might have already guessed, the rise of mobile gaming has played a huge part in their success. With smartphones now powerful enough to handle top-notch video game titles, the mobile gaming business is booming. As with everything, particular parts of mobile gaming are seeing a lot more traction than others, and if you want to check them out, here’s where to look.

Casino Games

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to see casino games do well on mobile. These games are classics for a reason, and their modern step onto the digital platform has only made them better! When visiting a top-notch online casino like NetBet casino, you’ll be met with hundreds of games that have a lot to offer. The variety in online casinos is astounding, as players can find anything from Poker and Blackjack to Roulette and slots. What’s better, the modern slots they host have different themes, so you get to pick and choose favorites from multiple genres!

Things don’t end there with online casino games. These mobile-friendly games have recently revealed another trick they’ve had up their sleeve to give players a more immersive experience. Of course, we’re talking about Live Casino games! Thanks to the live streaming tech they use, these games offer players a way to interact with real-life dealers and bring the traditional casino experience to their mobile screens.

AR Games

If there’s one thing that all of us love is when the virtual world and reality mix. Thankfully, by incorporating some of the most popular mobile gaming trends like location tracking and the use of the phone camera, VR games do just that! By using the excellent features mobile devices provide, these games bring an interactive gameplay element where the player needs to do more than just click the screen to advance. The most popular example of a well-made augmented reality game is Pokémon GO, the smash-hit that had everyone up and moving a few summers ago.


Here’s another category that comes as a surprise to no one. MMORPGs hit their stride in the early 2000s on PC with games like Runescape and World of Warcraft. Players from all over the world jumped at the chance at an interactive online experience that includes massive open worlds and incredible combat. These days, we see this game category translated to mobile for smaller screens. Mobile MMORPGs like Black Desert Mobile and Albion Online use a very similar gameplay style as their PC counterparts, adding dungeons, PVP combat, and leveling systems to keep things fun.

One specific feature of mobile MMORPGs is the automated gameplay feature. While many would think that this takes away from the gameplay experience, it’s quite the opposite. Since the maps of these games are massive, it can be hard for players to track everything on the smaller screens. The automated gameplay feature helps accommodate mobile users by giving them a guide that makes crossing particular parts of the game less of a hassle.

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Shooting Games

A classic video game category that always seems to do well is shooting games. On PC and Consoles, these competitive games have become so big that they now host tournaments for the best players around the globe! Other than a lively E-sports scene, they also have a pretty popular mobile gaming scene. The unique controls of mobile devices give these games an edge that makes them a joy to play. Currently, there are hundreds of mobile shooting games you can try out, but if you’re looking for the best, you can click here to check out the best for Android devices.

Top mobile games rank stolen from Candy Crush

That lead position has now been handed over to Fallout 4, which has managed to do what many thought was impossible.

It was starting to feel as though Candy Crush would be holding the title of the leader of mobile games until the end of time, considering that this is a tremendously popular app and it has been leading the way for about as long as the majority of us (considering that we have the attention span and short-term memories of goldfish) can remember.

But the crown appears to have been stolen from King, the developer of Candy Crush, as its lead has been overtaken.

The Apple Store is now showing that in terms of the number of downloads, the top spot among mobile games is no longer held by Candy Crush. The long awaited console simulation, Fallout 4 has now bumped Candy Crush out of the top three games in the United Kingdom for the first time since King.com released the addictive casual gaming app about three years ago.

The competition among mobile games has never been more fierce, with millions of dollars in daily revenues at stake.

Mobile Games - Candy Crush loses top spotThe companion mobile game app Fallout Shelter iOS, from Bethesda, has been created to give players the experience of being in control of a nuclear bunker. It was just released in mid June and has now already climbed high enough to knock Candy Crush out of the coveted top 3 leading positions among game apps, and has pushed it into the fourth spot.

While this can’t be good news for the publishers of Candy Crush, it certainly can’t come as too much of a disappointment to them, since they are still bringing in an estimated $2.36 million every day. Both of those titles continue to sit behind the apps that have been in the first and second spots, Clash of Clans and Game of War: Fire Age, respectively.

That said, while Fallout 4 has shown that it has been able to climb to a top position extremely quickly, what has yet to be seen is if it will be among the mobile games that will be able to hold onto one of those leading spots. Candy Crush has a kind of durability that others have failed to maintain when they have attempted to compete with it in the past.