While power pack technology is continually improving, it won’t be for a long while before it makes it to devices.

There is no doubt that wearables are going to continue to be produced and are evolving very rapidly, but the one thing that doesn’t seem to be changing is their need for backup battery packs.

Because of that, many in the industry say the value of the devices will need to improve significantly.

The short lifespan of the built-in batteries means that regular users of devices such as smartwatches will need to get used to carrying portable battery packs with them in order to ensure that they don’t run out of juice before the end of the day. For that reason, the device makers behind wearables like that will need to step up their game and prove to users that the gadgets are well worth the extra effort.

Fortunately, innovation is far from running dry in wearables, so battery packs are likely here to stay.

Battery Packs - Wearable Technology NewsBattery life is one of the main concerns of the wearable technology industry at the moment. While designers and manufacturers are attempting to be able to create products that will impress, they’re also trying to do so in a way that will last for a reasonable amount of time.

Unfortunately, the current market appears to be swamped with devices that run slowly, that contain software that doesn’t have much of a “wow” factor, and that aren’t all that attractive as something to be worn on the body. This is improving, but battery power isn’t.

Since the technology for making sure wearables last longer between charges doesn’t seem to be getting better at much of an impressive rate, many in the industry are recommending that the companies behind these wearable technology devices focus on different features. The improvements to the lifespan will happen, but that looks like it will be a long way off. Therefore, the key to success at the moment seems to be in making sure the devices themselves are worth the added effort of charging more frequently.

By making wearable technology as important to users as their smartphones, they will be certain to think that carrying battery packs and connecting to them now and again will be well worth keeping the smartwatches on their wrists.