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iWatch steps ever closer to official Apple confirmation

Although the device has never been officially acknowledged by the company, deals make its existence obvious.

Although the iWatch name is nothing more than a term that has been applied to a smartwatch device that is only rumored to be in development at Apple, it is becoming ever clearer that this wearable technology does exist, simply through the deals that the manufacturer has been seeking.

Many rumors about the types of expert that Apple has been seeking are adding weight to the rumors of a smartwatch.

Following rumors that Apple has been seeking fitness experts to assist in the development of potential health software for wearable technology, there have also been other reports that have suggested that the company is looking into solar power battery charging for a device that is somewhat like a watch. Now, there are more iWatch rumor reports as Apple seeks designers at luxury wristwatch companies.

All of these details continue to make it more clear that the iWatch is far more than just a rumor.

At the same time, many of those luxury watchmakers are not entirely impressed with the current look of wearables and the future that they imply. Nick Hayek, the CEO of Swatch has said that he feels that there will be a considerable limitation in the smartwatch marketplace due to tech restrictions.Wearable Technology - iWatch

He explained that “We have been in discussions – not ever initiated by us- with practically all players in smart wearables up until today,” but also added that “we see no reason why we should enter into any partnership agreement.”

There have been recent news reports from many reputable publications that have indicated that Apple is seeking the very best in the designer and wristwatch industry. While they have attempted to “lure” Hublot and “several Swiss parts manufacturers,” said the Financial Times, Jean-Claude Biver, the watch and jewelry chief of Luis Vuitton Moet Hennessy, said that nobody has taken the offer.

The iWatch will be a late entrant into this rapidly moving wearable technology race, in which the smartwatch remains king, so far. In order to stand out and be worth its price tag, it will need to be quite the exceptional device.

Technology news made by Apple with Japanese iWatch trademark

This is being seen as the most compelling evidence that the device manufacturer is creating a smartwatch.

According to the latest technology news, Apple is currently actively pursuing the iWatch trademark ownership in Japan, and it has been doing so – says Bloomberg – since the beginning of June 2013.

The effort is to try to obtain protection of the name, which is being listed as a watch or handheld computer.

The California based computer and mobile device giant has filed for the iWatch trademark protection in Japan within a category that also includes both watches and handheld computers. The filing was initially made on June 3, and it was just recently made public by the Japan Patent Office. Attempts to reach an Apple spokesperson in Tokyo, Takashi Takebayashi, for a comment on the subject had not received any response at the time of the writing of this article.

That said, technology news reports are swamping the internet with claims that a touchscreen smartwatch is on its way.

Technology News - Apple iWatchClaims from technology news sites and individuals who have access to this type of information are both reporting that Apple is coming ever closer to the mass production of a touchscreen smartwatch, which followers have been calling the iWatch for some time.

A month and a half ago, it was reported that Apple had been placing a considerable focus on being able to read an OLED screen that was only 1.5 inches. There have also been reports that there have been several assignments of the top engineers in the company assigned to building the best possible version of a smartwatch device.

According to a research report that was reported on by Bloomberg and that had been issued by a Raymond James & Associates Inc. analyst, Raymond James, “We can expect a full TV at Apple in the future, maybe a watch, and who knows what other future devices.” James went on to say that “New connected devices, whether they are TVs, cars or other devices are likely to be first adopted by high income consumers, over whom Apple dominates globally.”

Technology news has been inundated with various types of wearable mobile products but Apple always proves a leader in the headlines.