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Will Apple augmented reality glasses be better than Google Glass?

Reports are indicating that the iPhone maker is looking to broaden its wearable technology offerings.

A recent report from Bloomberg has pointed to a serious possibility for Apple augmented reality glasses in the future. This is an area where several companies have attempted to make headway in the past, but where none have managed to reach mainstream success.

Primary among those efforts was Google Glass, which is no longer being sold.

Bloomberg cited unnamed sources who are “familiar with the matter” who asked to remain anonymous. That said, they also pointed out that the Apple augmented reality glasses remain in a phase closer to the exploration level. It doesn’t appear as though these devices are anywhere near being ready for the company to sell.

Apple Augmented Reality Glasses - Image of Hololens AR GlassesThe concept would be a pair of AR glasses that would wirelessly connect to an iPhone. This would allow a wearer to see the device screen displayed in front of his or her field of view. This may be displayed in augmented reality, in standard format or it could take another direction altogether.

Apple augmented reality glasses have been a topic discussed between the company and possible suppliers.

The sources for the report also stated that Apple has placed orders for limited batches of near-eye displays from one of its suppliers. They claimed that the purpose for those displays was for testing. That said, they also underscored the fact that the iPhone maker has not ordered nearly enough parts to suggest that they have any intention to launch mass production at any time soon.

If Apple decides that it would like to move forward with wearable technology glasses, one source says the earliest unveiling would be in 2018.

It’s important to remember that the company is known for testing broad spectrums of technology. While it may move forward with some, it will completely recreate others before launch or may decide to pause them or drop them altogether.

Just because there are Apple augmented reality glasses being tested, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be added to the company’s product lineup. As is the tradition of the company, spokespeople declined to comment on unannounced projects or upcoming products.

Augmented reality firm, Metaio, acquired by Apple

The iPhone giant has announced that it has now purchased the German AR software maker.

Apple has now announced by way of a corporate filing, that it has acquired a German company that specializes in augmented reality imagery and software, called Metaio. This could place a great deal of weight behind the use of AR technology, which has seen a bumpy road along its path to adoption.

So far, there have been only very specific uses of AR tech that have made it onto the market.

By the time that this article was written, the terms of the purchase had not yet been disclosed. The augmented reality company has been in the spotlight for many investors for some time now, but this purchase by Apple has changed the entire nature of the company’s existence. Previously, Metaio had welcomed investors such as Westcott LLC, which is the investing side of entrepreneur Carl Wescott (the 1-800-Flowers floral delivery company founder), as well as Atlantic Bridge, a growth equity tech fund based in Silicon Valley.

According to the document that was filed with a Munich court, the augmented reality company’s sole shareholder is now Apple.

Augmented Reality - Apple acquires companyThe AR technology software from Metaio is typically implemented in automotive, industrial, and retail markets. It gives sellers the opportunity to create virtual user manuals or even showrooms for their products. This makes it easier for consumers to be able to imagine a product in a real situation, or to be able to visualize the instructions for complex equipment maintenance or repair purposes.

This can be helpful because it is accessible through mobile devices that are commonly owned and carried – such as smartphones and tablets – and it creates an overlay of graphics and/or text on top of images and objects that are there within the real-life environment. This is not the same tech as virtual reality, which creates an entirely simulated environment.

According to Juniper Research analyst, Steffen Sorrell, Apple would be able to work Metaio into its custom computer chip line of products. In this way, the tech market research firm analyst said that Apple would be able to use the augmented reality intellectual property to create a genuine differentiation for its products in an increasingly competitive mobile device marketplace.