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Branding Brand highlights the performance of mobile commerce


Branding Brand survey shows mobile commerce performance on Black Friday

Branding Brand, a leading mobilMobile Commerce Branding Brand Surveye commerce platform used within the retail industry, has announced the results of its Mobile Commerce Index for Black Friday survey. The survey is meant to highlight the performance of mobile commerce amongst consumers on the most important day of the year for the retail industry: Black Friday. The survey shows that mobile commerce was largely successful in boosting the mobile sales within the retail industry by a significant margin.

Mobile sales up 128%

The survey accounts for 66 mobile sites developed by Branding Brand for retailers participating in mobile commerce. These retailers span a wide variety of industries and has shown a great deal of interest in engaging mobile consumers, identifying these consumers as a major opportunity for growth. The survey shows that mobile sales on Black Friday grew by 128% over what they had been in the previous year. Mobile traffic also grew by 101% over the level they had been in 2011.

Most consumers used iOS devices for mobile commerce

Branding Brand suggests that mobile commerce has played a major role in this year’s holiday season, as far as the retail industry is concerned. The survey shows that most consumers made use of iOS devices to access e-commerce sites. Android devices, especially those equipped with NFC technology, were still used and were largely responsible for purchases made within physical stores from an actual mobile device. The iOS platform does not currently support NFC technology.

Retailers may be inclined to support mobile commerce

Mobile commerce had been expected to play a significant role for the retail industry during Black Friday. Branding Brand suggests that this is the case and that the retail industry has now been shown evidence of the capabilities of mobile commerce. With Black Friday leaving many retailers in a positive financial position for the remained of the fiscal year, they may be inclined to invest more support into mobile commerce for the future.

Windows Phone 8 launches with NFC capabilities

 Windows Phone 8 includes NFC technology

Android and iOS may hold sway over the majority of the mobile market, but Microsoft is keen to re-establish itself as a major contender with the launch of Windows Phone 8. The new smart phone, which was launched earlier this week, may not have received the same fanfare that usually accompanies the launch of an iPhone, but it has still managed to generate a great deal of buzz in the mobile technology world. Much of the interest Windows Phone 8 is receiving is thanks to its use of NFC technology.

Microsoft sees potential in NFC

Microsoft has brought NFC technology to the Windows Phone platform in order to address growing demand for the technology amongst consumers. Microsoft does not share the same concerns as Apple regarding NFC technology and believes that it can be used to provide better services to consumers. Thus, Windows Phone 8 boasts of several features that are based on the technology, such as a mobile wallet that will serve as a platform for mobile commerce.

Wallet application serves as a commerce hub for consumersWindows Phone 8

The Windows Phone 8 Wallet, as it is called, provides consumers with a wide range of services. Through the Wallet, consumers can store boarding passes for trips, loyalty rewards from retailers, movie tickets and other such materials on a single platform. This digital information can be accessed and used at any time. The Wallet is also able to store the financial information of a consumer, allowing them to make purchases for goods and services using nothing more than their Windows Phone 8.

Windows Phone 8 able to interface with Android platform

While Windows Phone 8 boasts of many features that have won favor of consumers, it is the device’s NFC capabilities that may solidify it as a favorite amongst the tech-savvy. By adopting NFC technology, Microsoft is putting the Windows Phone 8 in direct competition with Google’s Android platform. The company, however, is not keen to shut out Google in any way. In fact, Windows Phone 8 is able to interface with any version of the Android platform that supports NFC technology, allowing the two platforms to share digital information in a seamless manner.