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American m-commerce is falling behind the worldwide trend

eMarketer has now released new data that has show that consumers in the U.S. aren’t keeping up with the globe.

Some of the latest data issued by eMarketer has revealed that American consumers purchased an estimated total of $48 billion of products and services over m-commerce channels throughout 2015.

That represents an increase of 32 percent when compared to the same time in 2014.

Throughout 2015, m-commerce shopping made up an estimated 22 percent of all online retail shopping, according to the eMarketer figures for the United States. That represents a rise of 3 percentage points over the same figure from 2014. While that does appear to be a strong figure, it also shows that mobile shopping is being used more broadly in other parts of the world. For example, in South Korea, 46 percent of all online retail sales were conducted over smartphones or tablets. That represented 5.1 percent of the whole retail sales total for 2015.

Similar m-commerce figures were seen in other parts of the world, showing that the U.S. is lagging behind.

M-Commerce News - US Consumers not keeping up with rest of the worldIn China, for example, 50 percent of all online shopping sales and nearly 8 percent of retail purchases occurred over smartphones and tablets throughout 2015, according to the estimates from eMarketer.

Comparatively, in the U.S., consumers continue to use their mobile devices primarily for informing themselves about products as opposed to actually making a purchase. In the United States, under 2 percent of total retail sales are conducted by smartphone or tablet. Moreover, even though there have been some major mobile payments players that have entered that market – such as Apple and Google – only 14 percent of Americans said they would be interested in purchasing something over their mobile devices during the holiday season, said statistics from Bankrate.

Even specifically among Millennials, the demographic most likely to use their smartphones for activities such as shopping, only 20 percent said they had intended to use m-commerce for holiday purchases either online or through wallet apps that would be used in a retail brick and mortar location. It remains clear that the United States is a market facing considerable barriers to mobile shopping.

M-commerce in the United States to break the $114 billion mark in 2014

Smartphone and tablet based shopping in the American market are rapidly taking off.

According to the latest statistics that have been released by Forrester Research, the sales generated over the m-commerce channel is expected to reach a total of $114 billion by the close of this year.

This will be greatly driven by the rapid rise of tablet ownership among American consumers.

The forecasts made by Forrester Research have predicted that consumers that shop over m-commerce will boost their purchases by $38 billion this year, with an additional $76 billion coming from tablet commerce – to reach the anticipated total of $114 billion. This is a notable rise over what had been predicted last year, when Forrester had believed that sales over smartphones would reach $24 billion and those over tablets would break the $48 billion mark.

It is believed that m-commerce is increasing at this rate due to the fast adoption of the devices.

The analyst from Forrester behind the report, Sucharita Mulpuru, has said that as consumers adopt smartphones and tablets more rapidly, they are also shopping over those devices at a greater rate. The comfort level that Americans have shown with respect to using their gadgets for shopping purposes is steadily on the grow. Moreover, merchants are working ever harder to improve the experience that they have to offer over this channel.M-commerce US 2014

Equally, Mulpuru also pointed out that it remains only a minority of consumers who have these devices that actually use them for making purchases. She stated in the report that “In fact, we estimate that only 38% of smartphone owners and 31% of tablet owners will purchase on those devices in 2014.”

The report also added that they anticipate a growth of 55 percent in m-commerce, and a rise of 61 percent for shopping over tablets by the year 2018. By that year, Mulpur u has estimated that the sales over all mobile devices will have crossed the $293 billion mark. Comparatively, she stated that the total American ecommerce sales will have risen from having been $294 billion, this year to reach $414 billion by the end of the year 2018.