Secure Element Manager wins Visa approval

secure element manager visa approvalSecure Element Manager has been approved by Visa for the BlackBerry 10

Leading technology company, and creator of the BlackBerry platform, Research In Motion has received approval from Visa for its NFC-based mobile commerce platform, known as Secure Element Manager. The platform is designed to be used with the company’s next generation BlackBerry 10 device. Thus, owners of the BlackBerry 10 will be able to make mobile payments for products thanks to the device’s support of NFC technology and the approval for the system granted by Visa.

Platform may help with security concerns

Visa has shown a great deal of interest in mobile commerce in recent months. The company has become one of the major players in this emerging industry through its various partnerships and the services it provides mobile consumers. The Secure Element Manager helps address one of Visa’s most significant concerns when it comes to mobile commerce: Security. As such, the platform has won the support of Visa, which will allow its customers with BlackBerry 10 devices to use their accounts to make mobile payments.


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Security continues to be a problem for mobile commerce

Security has long been an issue that has made mobile commerce somewhat unpopular. NFC technology itself does not boast of any latent security features. As such, many believe that the technology can be easily exploited. If NFC technology is exploited, a consumer’s financial information may be at risk of theft, creating a serious problem for those involved in mobile commerce. Until recently, there have been few efforts to bolster the security of mobile commerce.

Secure Element Manage meets Visa expectations

The Secure Element Manager not only helps keep the financial information of consumers safe, it also acts as a management platform for various mobile commerce systems. The platform meets the strict requirements that Visa has adopted concerning mobile commerce systems, making it one of the few systems that Visa is willing to support. Moreover, it is the only mobile commerce platform for the BlackBerry that has the full support of Research In Motion.

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