PicoNETS Partners with JMA to Provide Deep Edge Caching and Hyperlocal CDN for US Customers

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Los Angeles, CA, October 25, 2019 –(PR.com)– PicoNETS is an Edge computing startup focused on solving the last mile Internet connectivity. PicoNETS does this by deploying a large number of edge nodes just one hop away from the users. Thereby reducing the hops a user has to go through to access their favorite content.

PicoNETS is already engaged with leading content providers and is now rapidly expanding to address the North America market. With the rapid expansion of 5G, the end-users may experience buffering. In many large networks, the infrastructure in the backhaul uplink is highly constrained thereby causing data congestions.

To solve this problem, PicoNETS is offering its Deep Edge Caching for service providers and carriers. With the PicoNETS solution, carriers can deploy Deep Edge Caching at the nearest cell site.

PicoNETS is partnering with JMA, a U.S. innovator of 4G and 5G software-based technology. As a part of the partnership, JMA will demonstrate the PicoNETS edge caching solution at the Mobile World Congress-Americas in the South Hall, booth 1946 at Los Angeles Convention Center, October 22-24 2019.

As we move from a yottabyte to a brontobyte era of data consumption thanks to increasing Internet data speeds, the last mile Internet connectivity is even more important.

Videos, AR, VR, and similar high data use cases will face bandwidth chokes across the value chain from content creation to content consumption. As per the Cisco Visual Networking Index, total Internet video traffic will be 80% of all Internet traffic by 2022. What’s more, richer video formats – full HD, 4K, 8K will only add to the challenges.

PicoNETS’ vision is to solve this problem by bringing content closest to the user at the Edge. Content delivery is one of the many Edge use cases for PicoNETS. PicoNETS is looking to partner with multiple use cases e.g Gaming, IoT, Video Analytics, Autonomous cars, and Robotics. PicoNETS is improving business RoI for customers by improving the user experience and reducing the data costs.

The global CDN, as well as global edge computing market size, is expected to be over $20 billion each by 2024 as per various analyst reports.

“We are seeing strong demand for our products in the North America market. We are proud to partner with JMA to deliver delightful end-user Internet experiences for US customers,” said Prakash Advani, CEO of PicoNETS. “We solve connectivity challenges across Media and Entertainment (including OTT, IPTV), Gaming, Telcos, ISP’s, Universities, Retail, Enterprise, Hotels, Malls, and Airports. Visitors to the MWC- Americas can get a glimpse of technology in action by visiting the JMA booth at 1946.”

“With more and more demand at the edge of the network, efficient content delivery is critical. Including PicoNets in the CUSP edge platform allows JMA to supercharge delivery performance, maximizing the quality of service cost-effectively,” said Greg Dial, Head of Edge CUSP services, JMA.

About PicoNETS

PicoNETS is an Edge computing startup focussing on last-mile intelligent Internet connectivity solutions. PicoCDN from PicoNETS is an Edge CDN and local caching solution which brings content very close to the users. This significantly improves Internet connectivity without any major changes to the infrastructure. Find out more at piconets.com or follow us on @picocdn

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