Augmented reality campaign launched by Very to boost mobile commerce


Augmented Reality shoppingVery teams with Fabulous to push augmented reality campaign

British retailer Very has teamed with Fabulous magazine, an imprint of The Sun, to launch a new mobile marketing campaign that makes use of augmented reality. The initiative will help Very get a better understanding of what consumers are looking for leading up to the Christmas season. The campaign will also encourage consumers to use their mobile devices to find products they like and make purchases online, thus boosting the prevalence of mobile commerce.

Campaigns aims to promote mobile commerce

Very’s augmented reality marketing campaign is powered by Blippar, a leading augmented reality platform. The campaign will run through four pages of Fabulous magazine, each containing a digital experience that can be unlocked using a smart phone. The campaign aims to show off a variety of fashions that consumers may find interesting and give them a chance to see outfits on display on a catwalk. Consumers will be able to pick out individual pieces from the campaign and purchase these pieces directly from Very using their mobile device.

Very has more plans for augmented reality

This will be the first augmented reality initiative launched by Very is preparation for the Christmas season. The retailer examining how well the technology can integrate itself into its existing marketing strategies. Very aims to use augmented reality to drive mobile commerce amongst its more tech-savvy consumers. Focus on mobile commerce could be a major boon for retailers during the Christmas season, especially as more consumers are beginning to rely heavily on their mobile devices to get shopping done.

Very continues to adapt to the changing needs of consumers

Christmas is a big time of the year for retailers. Over the years, retailers have had to adopt to the changing needs and interests of consumers in order to remain relevant with them. With more consumers showing interest in mobile commerce and augmented reality, Very is keen to ensure that it can engage these consumers where they are most interested.

Square to bring Mobile Card Reader to Canada


Mobile Card Reader to expand beyond US

Square, a maker of mobile commerce products, has announced that its Mobile Card Reader will soon be available in Canada. The move aims to engage the growing number of consumers in the country that are showing interest in mobile commerce. The Mobile Card Reader will allow both businesses and consumers to make transactions directly from a smart phone or tablet. This is a physical product, which is available for free, that can be used on both the Android and iOS platforms.

Mobile commerce growing quickly in Canada

Mobile commerce is growing in popularity largely due to the concept that it is more convenient than traditional forms of commerce. Using a smart phone, consumers can pay for goods and services with a simple gesture. For some, this is considered an innovative way to pay for things. For others, it is just another way to make purchases. Whatever the reaction from consumers is, their interest in mobile commerce is growing, as is the demand for platforms that will allow them to make purchases using their mobiles devices.

Device accounts for $8 billion in transactions each yearSquare Mobile Card Reader

Though the Mobile Card Reader is free, Square is still able to make a profit off the platform. The company charges a 2.75% fee each time a transaction is made using the platform. According to Square, the platform facilitates more than $8 billion transactions every year. Considering that Square has only operated in the U.S., until very recently, the platform has proven itself to be quite successful. Bringing the Mobile Card Reader into the Canadian market will be Square’s first time expanding beyond the U.S.

Device allows smart phones to become mobile payment platform without native NFC technology

The progress and adoption of mobile commerce is being heavily delayed by the availability of NFC-enabled mobile devices. The low supply of these devices means that consumer engagement in mobile commerce is limited. The Mobile Card Reader solves this problem by being equipped with its own NFC chip, allowing any smart phone or tablet to become a viable mobile payment platform.