New mobile payments initiative to be launched by CinemaxX

Cinema operator has embraced mobile payments using QR codes

A German cinema operator has begun accepting mobile payments for tickets, drinks, and snacks. CinemaxX will begin rolling out its mobile payments initiative in the near future, hoping to provide more convenient services to theater goers. The company currently operates 29 cinemas in Germany, each of which will support mobile payments being made through QR codes. These codes can be used to pay for a variety of products offered at the cinemas.

QR codes continue to hold a strong position in the mobile commerce space

QR codes have become powerful mobile commerce tools. In the past, these codes had been used as a way to keep track of inventory, but then became an attractive solution for marketers trying to engage mobile consumers. QR codes are still used for marketing and sharing information, but now they are being used to facilitate mobile payments. They have also begun being used to produce “pop-up” stores, which can take place anywhere and sell a variety of products that can be purchased by scanned a QR code.

Yapital Financial will be providing the payment system that will be used by CinemaxX

Mobile Payments - QR CodesThe mobile payments system that CinemaxX will be using has been developed by Yapital Financial. Those scanning QR codes with their smartphones will be able to make payments using the Yapital mobile application. Once a transaction is confirmed, consumers will receive the products or tickets that they have purchased. The partnership between the two organizations may give them a strong position in the mobile space, which has become a priority for Yapital Financial considering the growing number of mobile consumers.

Mobile payments continue to attract the support of mobile-centric consumers

Mobile payments have become quite attractive to consumers. Many people are now using their mobile devices to shop online and purchase products, but they are also wanting to use these devices to purchase products in physical stores. Allow consumers to do so could open up new opportunities for businesses, including cinemas, and give companies a better way to connect with a new generation of mobile consumers.

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