Mobile technology may be boosting workplace stress

Research has shown that employees are finding it difficult to be able to switch off from their jobs.

The results of a study conducted by Russam GMS interim management provider has shown that mobile technology is actually a considerable contributor to workplace stress, as people struggle to be able to shut off from their jobs.

The research involved a survey of senior executives when it comes to a range of different attitudes.

They asked the senior execs about their attitudes toward health, fitness, and leadership. Three out of every four blamed mobile technology for increasing stress levels. Among the respondents, 60 percent explained that there was an expectation from their employers to have to answer emails outside of their official working hours. One in every five respondents said that “switching off from work at home” was among the largest struggles that they faced when it came to being able to take care of their health.

Stress is among the leading contributors to health issues, if mobile technology is causing stress, that is important to know.

Mobile Technology - Workplace StressAccording to Russam GMS managing director, Ian Joseph, “Stress is one of the leading causes of health problems and absence in the workplace so it’s surprising that organizations are doing so little to recognize it or offer help to deal with it.” He also pointed out that senior execs aren’t just expected to have ambition, motivation, and business skills, nowadays. They are also expected to be physically fit and emotionally resilient in order to be able to keep up with “today’s demanding economic environment.”

Joseph added that “Companies that are failing to support and encourage their staff to be healthier and tackle stress are storing up problems for the future.”

Among the additional contributions to the stress levels that were being experienced by the respondents included increasingly demanding financial targets, the tension associated with being on call every day, 24 hours per day, and the nonstop email that “makes things relentless.” While this has existed for some time now with computers, mobile technology has made it possible for these issues to travel with workers no matter when it is or where they are.

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