Mobile commerce initiative launched by Opera and Naranya

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Opera sets sights on expanding into mobile commerce

Opera Software, a Norwegian software company, has announced its partnership with Naranya, Latin America’s leading mobile marketing and commerce company. Together, the two companies are looking to bring mobile commerce to Latin America through the Opera Mini mobile browser. This effort is encompassed in the Opera Payment Exchange, which is a mobile commerce platform that is available to the 191 million users of the Opera Mini application. Opera users will now be able to purchase goods and services through Naranya and its billing connections in 7 countries around the world.

Opera has a large audience to tap into

Opera is one of the world’s leading Internet browsers, on both mobile and static platforms. Opera Mobile has become one of Opera Software’s flagship platforms, with more than 270 million users worldwide. The Opera Mini application is based on this platform and has become a popular tool for those that like to browse the Internet from their smart phones and tablets. Many of these consumers have begun looking into mobile commerce, and Opera Software has been quick to respond to this interest.

Naranya boasts of well established presence in mobile commerce

Naranya boasts of more than 500 million users linked into its Monetization Platform. This platform has been used by numerous game developers, social networks, online media groups, and digital companies to monetize their goods to mobile consumers. The platform has become quite popular in Latin America, where advances in mobile technology are raising the demand for mobile commerce. By mobile commerceteaming with Opera, Naranya aims to further expand its mobile commerce platform into new markets.

Mobile commerce growth slightly delayed due to concerns over security

Mobile consumers are becoming enthralled with the concept of mobile commerce, but many are still wary due to concerns regarding security. Mobile commerce applications have, in the past, been hacked with relative ease, putting a consumer’s financial information at risk of theft and exploitation. Naranya has extensive experience in mobile commerce and has stringent security measures in place to mitigate the risks involved with mobile commerce. These security measures appear to have been enough to win the favor of Opera Software.

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