Geolocation technology and QR codes are promising for businesses

Companies in the UAE are being urged to embrace these opportunities to keep up with the competition.

According to the results of TNS research called the Annual Mobile Life Study, geolocation and QR codes may be the most important technologies to be considered for the future of businesses.

The organization that held the study is among the largest custom market research firms in the world.

It determined that location based services, also known as geolocation and LBS, as well as quick response (QR) codes, could hold the key to remaining competitive in the not too distant future, and that many companies in the United Arab Emirates are already taking their first steps in that direction.

The research indicated that geolocation and scannable barcodes are especially important in the UAE.

Geolocation and qr codesThe reason is that in that country, the penetration of mobile devices currently stands at an estimated 92 percent. Among the users of those devices, 43 percent are currently already using geolocation services. Fifty three percent of consumers in the UAE who aren’t yet using these services have expressed an interest in doing so.

The research went on to examine the behaviors, attitudes, motivations, and responses of consumers. It suggested that 37 percent of geolocation users apply these services for navigating their way around and locating friends. Another 27 percent use LBS to find points of interest that are nearby and as a dedicated GPS alternative.

TNS MENA CEO, Steve Hamilton-Clark explained that geolocation LBS services have finally come of age. Data is now indicating that the same is becoming true for QR codes. The research showed that 19 percent of mobile users are now using them, and that 28 percent have expressed interest in doing so.

Hamilton-Clark explained that “Advanced features such as home control, speech to text, LBS and scanning QR codes hold strong growth potential.” He added that “As more people gain access to smartphone technology, they are eager to use new content and multiple functions as long as they deliver convenience, experience, reassurance, relevance and independence.”

Mobile is a primary entry point for giving consumers the ability to obtain the information and the entertainment that they require. Brands are being advised to consider geolocation and QR codes to ensure that they are taking advantage of the opportunity that they hold.

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