Consumers want more from their mobile wallets

Mobile wallets need to support loyalty programs to ensure success

Users of mobile wallets prefer their platforms to have loyalty rewards rather than just offering a way to make mobile payments. A new survey from CMB shows that consumers that plan to use mobile wallets in the future are more interested in the ones that are associated with loyalty programs, as such programs can offer more value to these mobile wallets. Such programs are meant to reward consumers for their loyalty to a certain brand or retailer.

Apple Pay will support loyalty cards in its next generation iteration

Recently Apple announced that the next generation of its mobile payments service, Apple Pay, will support the loyalty cards that users have. These loyalty cards are typically issued by retailers that want to ensure the highest level of customer retention. Loyalty rewards include discounts, access to special offers, and a wide range of other benefits that have come to be favored by consumers. The survey from CMB shows that consumers interested in mobile wallets, want these platforms to support loyalty programs.

44% of mobile wallet adopters want support for loyalty programs

Consumers want more from mobile walletsAccording to the survey, 44% of potential mobile wallet adopters claimed that they wanted wallet-specific rewards programs as well as support for their existing loyalty cards. Other value added features, such as the ability to compare prices on a single platform, are less interesting to consumers that want to participate in mobile payments. Apple adding loyalty card support to Apple Pay may make this mobile payments service much more attractive than its competitors.

Mobile wallets offer convenient services that have become favoredĀ  among consumers

Mobile wallets serve many functions, from being able to store digital information provided by retailers to facilitating mobile payments. These platforms have become quite popular with consumers because of their convenient nature, but those interested in mobile wallets are beginning to expect much more from these platforms that simple support for mobile payments. As such, mobile wallets that offer the best services have established a strong position with consumers.

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