Augmented reality experience highlights the technology at the Seef Mall

augmented reality mallThe National Geographic Channel has added a unique learning attraction at the Bahrain shopping center.

National Geographic Channel has entered into a joint venture with the Seef Mall in the kingdom of Bahrain, where it has installed a fascinating augmented reality attraction for visitors to enjoy.

The attraction is open to all visitors to the mall and provides a uniquely realistic experience.

It has been designed to allow people in the mall to view different fascinating parts of the world from the safety, convenience, and comfort of the shopping mall. Through the magic of augmented reality, the National Geographic Channel’s content from around the world appears to come alive before the eyes of the participants, allowing them to learn, watch, and interact.

The official launch of this augmented reality experience occurred this month, and it will continue until April.

Robert Addison, the general manager of Seef Properties, was on site to answer media questions during the previews of the augmented reality experience. Demonstrations of many exciting and fascinating parts of the world were provided. Visitors could “swim” with dolphins and interact with other animals. It was even possible to “feed” dinosaurs that have been extinct for millions of years.


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This augmented reality experience provides visitors to the mall with a unique and interesting interactive firsthand experience of activities.  Some would otherwise be too dangerous or otherwise unavailable. For example, they can see what it is to walk on the moon, right before their eyes. Or, they can view some of the most treacherous weather conditions that the globe can conjure up. The cutting edge digital technology opens up an interactive and fascinating world that allows participants to immerse themselves in the learning experience.

From the West Wing of the mall, where the augmented reality attraction is taking place, Addison explained that “Seef Mall brings in a new era of interactive technology through this event, which combines education with fun at the same time. National Geographic has always inspired many, we hope families, children and visitors of the mall will take advantage of this unique ‘never-been-witnessed-before’ experience in Bahrain which will be on showcase at the mall starting tomorrow for next few months.”

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