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Wikitude releases SDK for BlackBerry 10 OS

Wikitude now available for BlackBerry developers

Wikitude GmbH, one of the world’s leading augmented reality developers, has announced that a software development kit for its flagship platform is now available for BlackBerry 10. The Wikitude platform has been used extensively by developers interested in creating augmented reality applications, but this is the first time those attached to the BlackBerry operating system will get a chance to make use of the platform. The DSK will help BlackBerry developers create augmented reality applications for an often overlooked demographic that favors BlackBerry mobile devices over others.

SDK designed to be accessible to developers of varying experience levels

With the release of the SDK for BlackBerry 10, Wikitude is the first augmented reality platform to cater to developers of all kinds. The SDK allows developers to make use of Wikitude’s acclaimed Architect engine, which allows them to build digital worlds that make use of HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. Wikitude notes that the simplistic nature of the SDK makes it appealing to developers of varying experience levels and removes the need for people to learn new programming languages.BlackBerry Augmented Reality

Demand for augmented reality growing amongst consumers

The demand for augmented reality applications is growing as more consumers become exposed to the capabilities of t he technology. These consumers are finding augmented reality appealing because of its dynamic nature. Thus, application developers have a promising opportunity to find some success by developing new apps that make use of the technology and meet the needs of consumers. The BlackBerry platform has long been neglected in this sense, but this has been changed by Wikitude.

Wikitude expected to boost number of apps available to BlackBerry platform

Beta testing for the Wikitude BlackBerry 10 SDK began in May of this month. Wikitide used feedback acquired through this testing phase to improve the platform and make it more accommodating to the needs of developers. Backed by the new SDK, developers are expected to bring more augmented reality applications to the BlackBerry platform, which has approximately 100,000 applications in all.

Valve developing augmented reality system


Valve reveals work on augmented reality headset

Acclaimed game developer Valve has held a strong presence in the gaming industry for several years. The company is well known for its innovative products and creative approach to gaming. Recently, Valve began looking to bolster its ranks with fresh hardware developers that were to work on a new project. This project has been shrouded in secrecy for some time, but a profile of Valve from the New York Times has shed some light on the project.

Developer interested in changing the way people experience games

Valve has been working to develop a new augmented reality headset. While this may come as a surprise to some, Valve has long believed that augmented reality, as well as other interactive technologies, could be the future of gaming. The company has taken a page from Google and has created a pair of augmented reality glasses that will be used in its “wearable computing” project. The developer’s interest in augmented reality seems to be born of frustration concerning the rate of progress being seen in computer technology and how games are limited to this technology.

Augmented reality continues to gain favor throughout the gaming industryAugmented Reality Gaming Technology

Augmented reality gaming is becoming more popular as more people become exposed to it. The vast majority of games that make use of augmented reality can be found on mobile platforms, such as smart phones and tablets. This has made the games accessible to a large portion of consumers, as mobile technology is exceedingly popular. Valve believes that people’s exposure to augmented reality has prepared them for a new generation of technology that makes use of the software.

Valve project may unlock new possibilities in gaming

Valve is keeping the details of its augmented reality project secret for the time being. The developer has not released an estimated time in which its project will be available to consumers. When it does see commercial launch, however, Valve’s augmented reality project may help usher in a new generation of gaming and help revolutionize the game industry as a whole.