UK Mobile Games Workplace DistractionUK workers are being distracted by mobile games

Mobile games are exceedingly popular with a wide range of people all over the world. These games may be so popular, in fact, that they are causing many people to miss work, or at least serving as a significant distraction. In the United Kingdom, the distraction that mobile games represent could be having a significant impact on the economy. A recent survey from FortuneFrenzy highlights the dubious side of the popularity of mobile games and how they are influencing consumers to avoid working.

Survey shows that majority of workers spend their time playing mobile games

According to the survey from FortuneFrenzy, approximately 53% of UK workers spend a significant part of their day on mobile games. The survey suggests that this is costing the economy as much as $400 million every year due to lost productivity. Approximately 57% of respondents to the survey note that they check their mobile devices at least once every 10 minutes, which itself cuts into productivity in a minor way. The survey shows that workers typically spend at least one hour on mobile games while working each day.

Growing popularity of mobile technology changes the work environment

A similar survey conducted by YouGov in 2005 found that 80% of workers throughout the UK considered it unacceptable to send or receive text messages in the workplace. Today, mobile technology plays a bigger role in people’s lives than it did in 2005. More people have access to smartphones and tablets than were available in 2005 and mobile games have become a major craze among consumers that are, in some cases, starved for entertainment.

Mobile games prove addicting for many

Mobile games have for some time now been designed to be as addicting as popular. This has helped enthrall and is a favorable practice in the game industry due to the fact that engagement is directly linked to revenue. The longer a person is engaged in any particular mobile game, the more exposed they are to advertisements and the more likely they are to make in-game purchases.