China proves promising market for mobile games

In China, mobile games are quickly becoming a big deal. Smartphones and tablets have been gaining popularity throughout the country for some time, but mobile gaming is a relatively new trend among young consumers. Over the past few years, mobile games have become one of the primary interests among consumers throughout China. This has partly to do with a ban placed against traditional gaming consoles by the Central Government. This ban essentially ensured that mobile devices would be the most popular gaming platforms among consumers.

Companies like Yodo1 hold keys to Chinese market

Enthusiasm concerning China’s mobile games market is quite high, considering the fact that this sector alone accounted for more than $352 million in revenue during the first quarter of 2013. During the first quarter, the market experienced a 30% increase in revenue over the previous year. Yodo1 is one of the Chinese gaming companies that have been taking note of the growing interest that consumers have in mobile games and the financial benefits that this sector represents.

China mobile games continue to boomChina too big to ignore for the game industry

According to Yodo1 CEO Henry Fong, the Chinese market is too promising to ignore. Yodo1 works with developers from Western countries and helps them bring their mobile games to China. Without companies like Yodo1, Western developers would have difficulty entering the Chinese market due to the country’s stringent regulations concerning foreign trade. Gameloft, a French company, first tried to break into China in 2003 and has only very recently found the stability it needs to pursue consumers in a significant way with its mobile games.

Mobile games could be a successful vehicle for companies like Yodo1

Companies like Yodo1 have taken note of the promising environments that mobile games are subjected to in China and have been positioning themselves to be attractive to foreign developers. These companies essentially hold the keys to the Chinese market and many are well aware of this fact. For these organizations, mobile games are not the only an entertainment medium, they are also a promising business opportunity.