Windows Phone gets mobile payments thanks to Fortumo

Mobile payments have been growing very popular with consumers around the world. For those without Android or iOS devices, however, mobile payments are little more than a fancy idea. That is about to change thanks to Fortumo, an international mobile payments provider. This week, the company announced the launch of a new mobile payments application for Windows Phone. This makes Fortumo the first third-party provider of mobile commerce services on Microsoft platforms.

New platform makes mobile payments possible on Windows 8 and Windows Phone devices

The new application features cross-platform capabilities, making it available for the Windows 8 operating system, Windows RT, and Windows Phone. The application allows for mobile payments to be made through other applications, such as mobile games. Payments can also be facilitated through applications on laptops and desktops that run any version of Windows 8. Notably, the platform is designed with game developers in mind.

Mobile games may benefit from new platform

Mobile games have become a very powerful force in the game industry. Many developers have made their fortunes through a strong focus on mobile games. The reason these games have so much financial potential is because ofWindows Mobile Payments advertising and their ability to foster in-app purchases. Most mobile games offer some form of virtual currency or the opportunity to unlock additional content for a modest price. Consumers have a proclivity for these mobile payments because they offer some form of measurable game, at least in an entertainment capacity.

Fortumo aims to bring more developers to Windows Phone

Fortumo suggests that its new application can help game developers engage mobile consumers more effectively. Mobile games that allow for mobile payments are more likely to find success in the gaming market due to factors such as convenience and access to additional content. Fortumo aims to help developers become more accepting of the Windows Phone platform, on which it has been difficult to monetize mobile games in the past.