SumUp looks to engage businesses in the UK

SumUp, a mobile payments startup based in the United Kingdom, has been working to help promote mobile commerce within Great Britain and Ireland. In August of this year, SumUp raised more than $20 million for its efforts. Now, the company is looking to put that money to good use and believes that Diffusion, a PR and social media communications agency. Together, the two plan to help boost the adoption of mobile commerce throughout the UK by focusing on businesses within the country.

Diffusion to handle social media efforts and traditional marketing for Sum Up

Diffusion will be handling SumUp’s social media efforts and will be operating traditional marketing campaigns, which will be targeted at businesses that have shown interest in mobile commerce in some way. Diffusion notes that there may be a serious opportunity for growth in the UK and Irish markets, claiming that the number of people with smart phones in these regions is on the rise. Businesses throughout the UK are beginning to feel the pressure to be more accommodating to consumers that want to make purchases using their mobile devices, thus creating more opportunity for SumUp.

Card reader could be a big hit with businesses

SumUp has developed a card reader that can be connected to smart phones and facilitate mobile payments. SumUp believes that the card reader could be a boon for small businesses who see traditional point of sale terminals as expensive investments. The card reader would enable these businesses to process purchases made using a credit card using a simple mobile device rather than a static payment terminal.

Growth of mobile commerce presents powerful opportunity for SumUp

SumUp has chosen Diffusion for this initiative because the agency has extensive experience in the various markets within the UK. Mobile commerce is on the rise throughout the country, and SumUp is keen to establish powerful ties to companies that can help it reach a new generation of mobile consumer. The company will have to face down some strong competition coming from Square, Orange, and even Google, if it wants to find success in this expanding industry.