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eMarketer predicts growth of mobile ad market

Mobile Ad GrowthMobile ads to become more plentiful, according to eMarketer projections

Mobile advertisements are already in high supply, but they may soon become even more plentiful according to projections from eMarketer, a market research and digital media firm. The firm notes that more companies are putting focus on reaching mobile consumers. The best way to do this, of course, is through mobile advertisements that can be found in applications and websites that are optimized to be viewed on a mobile device. eMarketer expects the mobile ad market to become much more valuable in the coming year due to the increased interest companies have in reaching mobile consumers.

Mobile ad market to triple by end of 2012

According to eMarketer, the mobile ad market will triple in value by the end of 2012, reaching the $4 billion mark. Facebook, Google, and Twitter are cited as being powerful forces behind the growth of mobile ads. These companies offer ad space to others and each boasts of a massive reach in terms of consumers. Google alone is expected to bring in more than $2.2 billion in mobile ad sales this year. eMarketer predicts that Facebook will see $339 million in revenue from its recently launched mobile advertising venture.

Market to reach $21 billion by 2016

eMarketer predicts that mobile ad sales will exceed $7 billion in 2013, with sales reaching nearly $21 billion by 2016. Businesses are intent on reaching consumers through their mobile devices because more consumers have access to smart phones and tablets. These consumers tend to use their mobile devices in their daily lives, thus creating an opportunity for businesses to be in constant contact. Mobile device penetration has yet to show signs of slowing down, so the mobile ad market is poised for aggressive growth in the future.

Retailers are strong advocates for mobile advertisements

Though the mobile ad market may have a bright future, it currently only represents some 2% of the advertising market overall. By 2016, eMarketer predicts that mobile ads will take up 11% of the market. Retailers are among the most prolific companies that make use of mobile ads and these companies have seen strong gains from their engagement with mobile consumers in recent years.

Social media marketing gains ground in 2012


Social media marketing offers many new opportunities for businesses

Social media plays an importaMobile Social Media Marketingnt role in the lives of millions of people around the world. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter have shown that consumers are very interested in keeping in touch with their friends and family online, while also sharing their interests with others and promoting companies they like. Social media offers many opportunities to the marketing sector, especially in terms of mobile marketing. A new report from NM Incite, a social media and market research firm, highlights the opportunities that social media marketing represents.

Report highlights the growth of social media platforms

The report, titled “Social Media Report 2012,” details the ways social media can be used as a communications tool for advertisers. The report highlights the growth of several social media platforms, noting that Facebook remains the most popular platform among consumers and businesses. Blogger and Twitter continue to be rising stars in the social media space, with marketers eyeing Twitter for its potential in social media marketing. Pintrest, a relatively new content sharing website, has seen the most aggressive growth this year, in terms of users.

Consumers showing more interest in mobile devices than in PCs

According to the report, more consumers are making use of their mobile devices to stay connected to social media platforms. The report shows that the amount of time consumers spend on these sites with their mobile device has gone up 21% this year. More consumers are showing favor for their smart phones and tablets than they are for their PCs, presenting an opportunity for advertisers to establish a constant connection with people no matter where they go. Businesses are also responding to this by making themselves more available to social media sites, encouraging consumers to share these sites to their friends and families.

Social media marketing presents its own challenges

The report notes that social media marketing presents several challenges, despite its beneficial prospects. Mobile consumers have shown that they are interested in visits that are marketed to them, but only 14% of these people actually purchased products that they looked up through social media marketing campaigns. Moreover, constant connection with consumers opens businesses up to more scrutiny, increasing the need for comprehensive customer service on a 24-hour cycle.