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Mobile technology trends to expect from 2013

Mobile Technology 2013 TrendsWith a highly successful year nearly complete, predictions for next year’s smartphones are already being made.

This year, mobile technology brought about tremendous new successes ranging from the sale of the devices themselves, to record marketing spending, and record mcommerce sales.

For this reason, it is only natural that brands and companies attempt to forecast what is to come in 2013.

According to the most recent reports from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), which is a trade association based in Arlington, Virginia, smartphones will account for approximately $37 billion in sales next year. Dealers will have almost 126 million devices shipped to them in 2013. This will represent an increase of 16 percent over 2012.

Tablets will also become an increasingly important form of mobile technology next year.

For those mobile technology devices, sales are expected to reach beyond 105 million units. This represents a figure that is 54 percent greater than that of 2012. It will also lead to a shipment revenue of nearly $36 billion.

The projections have been based on information such as the following, which can help to form an understanding of in mobile technology for 2013:

• 88 percent of mobile technology users check their email on those devices (especially their phones) each day.
• 85 percent of all American adults have some form of cell phone.
• 56 percent of all American adults who own a cell phone also have internet access.
• 53 percent of the owners of cell phones have a smartphone.

According to forecasts from Forbes, the two areas that will see the largest amount of growth in mobile technology include smart cars and digital health (mhealth). The mhealth marketplace is already seeing a rapid explosion of adoption and popularity including areas such as telemedicine, medical records, apps, fitness monitors, and others. This last year alone, it has experienced a growth of 40 percent.

On the other hand, the mobile technology developments in smart cars include developments such as the Google car, for example. These vehicles will be seen in far more events and prototype and product unveilings over the next twelve months.

MasterCard introduces new Display Card product


MasterCard continues to establish strong mobile commerce presence

Financial giant MastMobile commerce mastercarderCard continues its steady march into the world of mobile commerce with the release of a new credit card that could change the way people pay for products. Mobile commerce is poised to become a big part of the lives of consumers, many of whom are turning to their mobile devices for daily services and connectivity. As consumers become more dependent on their mobile devices, companies in the technology and financial industries are looking to establish a stronger presence in mobile commerce. MasterCard is poised to up the ante, so to speak.

Display Card combines smart phone technology with a credit card

The financial institution has revealed a new credit card that is equipped with a touch-sensitive keypad and an LCD display. MasterCard calls the products, simply, “Display Card.” The Display Card is very much like a smart phone in concept, but more akin to a traditional credit card in appearance. The card will function in much the same way MasterCard’s other products do, but will also have a use in mobile commerce. The keypad exists to allow users to authorize large purchases through the input of a password, while the LCD screen provides limited information concerning the purchase and the amount of money due.

Display Card on trial in Singapore

Currently, the Display Card is available only in Singapore. The card is currently being tested for its viability to various demographics of consumers in that country. Thus far, the card has been somewhat popular amongst the wealthy, but many other consumers seem to prefer their mobile devices when making a purchase of goods. Those without smart phones largely rely on traditional forms of commerce, such as bank cards or physical currency.

MasterCard could add new features in the future

Though the features of the Display Card are somewhat limited currently, MasterCard suggests that there are many things that can be done to the card in the future. Additional features can be added to the card to help it appeal more to consumers, allowing them to check their bank account balance for example. How this will affect the company’s place in the highly competitive mobile commerce business has yet to be seen.