Mobile payments prove beneficial for Starbucks

Mobile payments have managed to receive the full approval of Starbucks as the company’s customers continue to express their favor for the company’s services. Starbucks is a relative newcomer to the field of mobile commerce, having only truly embraced mobile payments in 2012. The company teamed with Square to launch its mobile payments initiative and has been seeing a great deal of success among consumers since then. Consumers claim that the company’s services offer a more convenient way to purchase products.

Application now processes more than 4 million transactions every week

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz notes that the company’s mobile payments application now processes more than 4.5 million transactions per week. This is monumental growth from the few thousand transactions the application had been processing shortly after its launch. The application has humble beginnings, with its primary purpose having been to reduce the wait times consumers experiences in the company’s stores. Now, the application exists to promote mobile commerce among consumers.

Mobile Payments at StarbucksConsumers are growing more accommodating of mobile commerce

Commerce has been changing in the U.S. More consumers are becoming enthralled by the idea of mobile payments and are showing that they are eager to use their mobile devices to purchase and pay for products of all kinds. Starbucks has taken note of this change in consumer behavior and has been working to meet the changing needs and interests that consumers have in the mobile space.

US companies continue growing more involved in mobile commerce

Starbucks is one of several companies that have been growing more involved in the mobile payments field. Many U.S. consumers have responded well to the company’s mobile commerce initiative, which has encouraged the company to expand its efforts in the mobile commerce field to continue engaging consumers in a more dynamic fashion. Starbucks expects to continue seeing the number of transactions it processes through its mobile application grow steadily in the future.