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Mobile commerce revenue growth for retailers

Kiip releases information on growing mobile revenues

Kiip, a mobile marketing firm, has released information concerning the top mobile commerce brands. The data from Kiip highlights which brands have found the most success in mobile commerce in 2013. Retailers have taken a strong interest in the mobile sector due to the rapidity at which smartphone and tablet ownership is going. Consumers have been showing favor for mobile shopping because of its convenience and the deals that many retailers have been offering specifically to mobile consumers.

Specialty retailers find major success in mobile space

According to the information compiled by Kiip, the retailers leading mobile commerce are JackThreads, Rue La La, Groupon, and Fab. These retailers have a significant lead over other brands when it comes to mobile revenue generation. Notably, both Amazon and eBay have seen relatively little mobile growth when compared to other retailers despite how much effort they have put into mobile commerce. Smaller, more specialized retailers seem to have been able to engage consumers more effectively with their mobile initiatives.

Mobile traffic is on the rise

retail mobile commerce growthKiip notes that mobile traffic to retail sites has grown by an average of 39% over what it had been in 2012. Consumers are flocking to mobile retail sites in order to shop, especially during the holiday season. Retailers have been reporting a significant increase in mobile sales during the 2013 holiday shopping season as they find success with their mobile engagement initiatives.

Mobile marketing is gaining prominence

As mobile commerce grows, mobile marketing is quickly becoming more important for businesses. Retailers that have not invested in mobile marketing have been unable to effectively engage consumers on smartphones and tablets. This has limited their appeal to those interested in mobile commerce. Mobile-centric consumers are more likely to engage in mobile marketing initiatives than traditional marketing due to the more interactive nature of the former.

Google aims to make mobile commerce more convenient with new Wallet feature

Google Wallet Mobile CommerceMobile commerce convenience remains most attractive feature among consumers

Just two years ago, there had been a significant amount of hype surrounding Google’s efforts in the mobile commerce sector. The company had introduced its Wallet application, which aimed to make mobile payments somewhat common among consumers and the company had made several moves in its various business sectors to make itself more accommodating to mobile commerce. While some of these initiatives have been less successful than the company had anticipated, Google remains invested in the mobile commerce sector and continues to introduce new services therein.

Wallet receives some criticism for lack of convenience

Part of the allure of mobile commerce lies in the convenience it offers to people. Consumers have praised mobile commerce platforms for their ability to make shopping and paying for products very easy and straightforward. In the past, platforms that did not offer consumers an adequate level of convenience received harsh criticism and, in some cases, ended up failing in their given market. Google’s own mobile commerce platform has received such criticism, which has encouraged the company to take measures to make the Wallet more attractive to consumers.

New feature allows for quick mobile payments

Google has announced a new update for its Wallet platform that will allow users to purchase products and applications in as little as two clicks. This is accomplished through the new Instant Buy API that has been introduced to the Google Wallet. This API allows app developers and merchants to offer instant but services, essentially allowing consumers to conduct a mobile transaction in a very simple manner.

New feature may encourage consumers to use Wallet platform

Google believes that the new capabilities of the Wallet will help consumers become more comfortable with the concept of mobile commerce. Many consumers have criticized the Wallet platform in the past because it did not offer an enjoyable experience, a problem that Google expects will be put to rest with the application’s new checkout feature. So far, Rue La La and Expedia are among the companies testing out this new quick checkout feature.